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That’s Not My Kindle

There isn’t anything more exciting as waiting for a FedEx parcel to arrive, right? So imagine the disappointment wrapped in horror when a British man opened up his parcel to find NOT his brand new Kindle but a …wait for it… a tumor specimen. Heavens to Murgatroyd. Evidently, the tumor was intended for a Bristol hospital.

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What A Mistake

Oh what? A Romanian woman who went to hospital to have a baby was left shocked after it was discovered she wasn’t pregnant at all but had been carrying around a 5kg tumor in her uterus for 9 months. The devastated woman had been told by her local doctor that she was pregnant. I smell a malpractice law suit right there.


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Little Devil

Chinese surgeons have successfully removed a 5 inch tail from a 4 month old baby girl. Hong Hong, who was born with the tail, had it removed after it began getting bigger and bigger. By the time surgeons operated it had already doubled in size. The tail was being fed by a fatty tumor in the spinal column. Geez, imagine trying to get clothes to fit!


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