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Shawshank Fail

Oh bless, a murderer attempted to escape from one of Australia’s maximum security prisons by burrowing a tunnel . He was 100m from freedom when he was sprung. Come on man, you need to lift your game. The dudes in the US managed to Shawshank….yeah sure, one got shot dead and the other now leaks like a sieve but at least they are known as the dudes who escaped. What you need is a disgruntled female prison wa…. oh never mind.

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You should take some crackers

You should take some crackers

A tunnel in Norway has been closed after a truck carrying nearly 30 tons of caramelized  brown goat cheese caught alight. So far the fire has been burning for 5 days. Hello scientists, can’t you turn goat cheese into fuel? The tunnel is expected to remain closed for several weeks.


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There’s A Bear In There

You might want to tip toe around the town of Vesper in Wisconsin for a few months. They have a black bear hibernating in a  drain tunnel and he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Shhhh, thanks.


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Temple Of The Snake Has A Secret Tunnel

You see that?

Guess what loons? Archaeologists  have discovered a tunnel under the Temple of the Snake in pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan near Mexico City. The tunnel is  14m beneath the ground and has been sealed for about 1,800 years. Many are already hinting this could be one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 21st century.Dear god I wonder what nasties are hiding in that? Did we not learn anything from Tutankhamen?

Psst I bet there is a friggin good reason why they called it Temple of the SNAKE!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Tunnel of Death

Germany has been left reeling after 17 people died and 80 were injured at the Love Parade festival in Duisburg. It is believed a stampede inside a tunnel full of techno music fans caused the chaos. Police had blocked off the area where the concert was being held as the venue was full but the thousand strong music fans continued to push their way into the 600m long tunnel despite police telling them to turn around and walk back. At some stage panic broke out and many were trampled or crushed to death. Authorities decided not to cancel the concert in fear of another stampede, leaving fans unaware of the tragedy outside.

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You Used Which Toilet?

OK people, building a tunnel under a fake toilet from Mexico to the US border was a smart idea, because lets face it, that would be the last place white people would look. But unfortunately the drug cartel’s little plan backfire when it was only 50m from US territory. Oh shit, so close! Thirteen construction workers were busted during the raid by federal police. The 270m long tunnel was 20 m deep and had taken two years to construct. The toilet, which was located in a storage facility, had a hydraulic mechanism which allowed it to move. The tunnel itself was equipped with phone line, electricity and air conditioning. Geez, these drug cartel people think of everything.


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