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Mr Whippy vs Mr Yummy

OMG, an ice cream turf war in England, cool. It’s like the friggin Battle of Tastings!!!  OK, here’s the deal, Mr Whippy is the local ice cream vendor (Blackburn) but Mr Yummy is a rival from another area. This incident occurred after Mr Yummy tried to steal Mr Whippy’s customer by offering him a cheaper ice cream. Mr Yummy proceeds to smash Mr Whippy’s window so Mr Whippy rams Mr Yummy’s van. Locals say the two rivals have been at it for ages.


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Hells Angels Fight Over Coffee

A fight over which motorcycle gang was allowed to hang out at an LA Starbucks has lead to the worse biker turf war in years, leaving several men dead.It all started last year when the Hells Angels and rivals the Vagos rumbled over who would be sipping their pumpkin spice lattes at a “premium” downtown Starbucks. The tiff later developed into murder and mayhem across three states leaving several bikies dead, wounded or missing. Police fear this will end up as a full milk mocha frappe melee. Hmm, maybe they should all have some decaf?

Psst In my day, real motorcycle gangs hung out at pubs not friggin  franchised coffee shops, gosh!


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