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There Goes The Theory Turkeys Can’t Fly

Evidently in the US all domesticated animals, regardless of species, may qualify as an Emotional Support Animal. So this feathered friend was allowed to fly Delta as a ‘therapy pet’. I heard it gobbled it’s food.

PSST The owner of the turkey had sufficient documentation to prove this turkey can fly.



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Thanksgiving Revenge

Survivors of the Thanksgiving massacre are taking revenge out on a Massachusetts postal worker “every day”. The rafter of five attack the postie each day as he delivers mail. Thank goodness he carries a turkey stick to keep them at a distance. No one puts our family on a plate and gets away with it.



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Baby Set Adrift

Help me!!!!

Help me!!!!

Absent mindlessness  just reached a new level in Turkey, after a family forgot they had left their 10 month old in a floating device in the ocean. As the family relaxed on the beach a strong wind picked up and the baby just drifted away. Eventually beach goers noticed the object in the distance and contacted Turkish Coast Guard who rescued the bub a kilometre out to sea. Awks.


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What a Relief

applaudLeft hands around Turkey are celebrating after top religious authorities in Turkey gave the thumbs up to toilet paper. Yes, it is now permissible in Islam to use toilet paper but….there is always a but…. it should only be used if there is no water source available.


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And Don’t Mention The War

angry manA German couple (eye roll) tried to sue for a refund on their Turkish holiday because it was ruined, thanks to the calls to prayer from a nearby mosque. Seems the couple weren’t impressed with the 6am loudspeaker calling worshippers to prayer, nor it being repeated an additional 4 times during the day. They also bitched in their claim that one of the armrests were missing on their flight home plus it was damn turbulent. Needless to say the case was thrown out after the judge reminded them “The call to prayer is customary in Turkey and is comparable with church bells in a Christian country,”  oh and no one can predict flight weather. Boom!



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Midnight Excess

Hmm, I wonder if Dr Phil and Oprah will visit Fergie in a Turkish Jail? The Duchess of York is facing some serious  jail time (22 years) in a Turkish prison for secretly filming orphanages in their country. The footage was for a British doco entitled Duchess and Daughters: Their Secret Mission. Kinda says it all in the title really!!! Sheeez, Oprah must be spewing, had she not been so quick to axe Finding Sarah: From Royalty to the Real World she may have had a rating bonanza! Finally , a reality show I would watch.

Psst I hear the Royal family couldn’t be more delighted!

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They Share More Than A Kidney

OK, this isn’t so much a random act of kindness as it is guilt, me thinks. A Turkish woman has received a life saving kidney from her hubby’s mistress. Evidently  Meliha Avci’s husband met Ayse Imda at the hospital where his wife was receiving treatment some five years ago and started the affair. Over the years Meliha had received blood donations from Ayse not suspecting the woman was also sleeping with her husband. Prior to the kidney offer Ayse fessed up . A grateful Meliha said “We have shared blood, we have shared my husband and now we are sharing kidneys,”


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Fergie Faces Jail Time

Fergie (Duchess of York) is in big doodah again, and this time she could spent 22 years in the slammer. Seems Turkish authorities aren’t too pleased with her 2008 documentary where she went undercover to expose the appalling abuse of children in an Ankara orphanage. Fergie is accused of going  “against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy” of five children.  She better hope their isn’t an extradition treaty with Britain because she might have more than her toe sucked in a Turkish prisons.


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7.3 Earthquake Rattles Turkey

Authorities fear more than a 1,000 people could have perished in a massive earthquake which hit Eastern Turkey today. The 7.3 quake turned buildings into ruble and has left thousands homeless. Rescuers are currently trying to get to the trapped.

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Why Did The Toddler Cross The Road?

A toddler in Turkey plays chicken in traffic…


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