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Stick Them Up I Have A Remote!

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Nice one Edward Callahan. Callahan, a New York homeless guy, decided to try his luck robbing a bank with an old TV remote control. Damn thing nearly worked too, especially after he told the teller  it was hooked up to a bomb. Everybody panic. Terrified employees of the Chase Bank went scurrying up to the roof fearing a kaboom, while a trembling Callahan got his bag of money. Doh, unfortunately poor old Callahan only got a short distance out of the bank before having a seizure. Oh well, on the bright side, he won’t be homeless anymore!


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Bet He Wishes He Could Change Channels

OMG, death by TV remote control. Paul Harvey has got to be one very unlucky man. After a little tiff  (OK a cocaine fueled one) with his missus, Gloria Laguna, he hurled a TV remote at her head and killed her. The fluke throw happened to land right on a weak artery at the back of her head resulting in a massive brain hemorrhage. What friggin luck (I can never find my remote!). He will now spend three years behind bars.


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