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Knit One Bore One

Norwegian TV planning a knitting showA Norwegian TV station is going to be airing a four hour plus TV show that features eight people knitting. Oh dear god, kill me now. The team will be attempting to break the Aussie record of 4 hours and 51 second to create a sweater from sheep to complete. One person will shear the sheep while the 7 others will spin and knit like CRAZY .  Come on Loons, there could be  blood, sweat and tears. … or at the very least blisters. Extreme knitting!!!!


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Never Give A Hoarder A Pet Rat

Hope no one has shat in the toilet yet!

Attention loons, anyone interested in a pet rat? There are a 1,000 of them currently up for adoption after the TV show Hoarders unearthed the mischief of rodents in a unnamed hoaders home. See, it all started when some idiot gave the hoarder a friggin pregnant rat as a pet. Hello people, hoarders don’t need pets or anything that multiplies. Anywho, a neighbor rang the TV show after the rats had pretty much eaten his home and had begun frolicking on the property. When help arrived they discovered half an inch of rat droppings covering the entire house and a community of rats making happy in the wall insulation. Enter an 18 wheel truck which carted the plague to Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose. Now you can adopt a hoarder’s rodent. Anyone?


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Very Best of Cops

Oh for goodness sakes, who the hell would want to be a cop?


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Tribal Council Have Spoken



OK, here’s the thing Saudi Arabian men who want to talk freely about their love conquests on telly…don’t. Abdul Jawad a 32 year old airline employee spoke candidly about his sexual escapades on a Lebanese TV show, now he will be spending at least five years behind bars and receive a 1,000 lashes for his troubles. The two female producers of the Lebanese show “A Thick Red Line.” look like they will also be getting a jail term and a whipping too.


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