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Right Under Their Noses

thumbs-upIngenious. A man found the perfect disguise to steal TVs from Walmart. He dressed as an employee. Brilliant. Wearing a blue Walmart vest he went to the stock room,  loaded 4 flat-screen televisions onto a cart and simply rolled them out into the car park where an SUV was waiting. Too easy. After viewing CCTV footage management couldn’t identify the thief

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When Cats Don’t Care


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Check Mate

thumbs up 3OMG, I was nearly right.  OK, close. Norwegian TV isn’t planning to televise paint drying… it’s far worse. From the people who brought you 12 hours of non interrupted knitting, introducing 100 hours of chess. Awesome.

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Epic First Day On The Job Fail

Oh no, here’s the thing AJ Clemente, you should always be conscious of floor managers and  live mics. That was a suspension right there. Another star is born on Youtube.


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Is That a Gun In Your Pocket

Not happy with just throwing a shoe at a political rival, Mohammed Shawabka went for his gun on live TV. Hmm, moral of the story is never call a Jordanian politician a Mossad Agent.


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Thumbs Up To Vaginas On NZ TV

No word on penises

Well congrats New Zealand, protest dismissed, you can now watch vaginas on TV. Seems a few Kiwis had a prob with an episode of Embarrassing Bodies which featured shots of women’s vaginas. New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority announced it was all good, no standards breached as the scenes were “matter-of-fact and clinical”. Move on, nothing to see here.


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Go Canada!!!!

Whoopsie daisy, Hamilton morning TV viewers in Canada got a little surprise when hardcore gay pornography appeared on their screens for a good minute. Fingers are pointing at a cable provider who accidentally patched it through. Awkward, eh? (for some most).


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The Art of Stealing

The first rule of stealing, don’t jokingly tell a woman you are going to break into her house and steal her TV, then actually do it!  Seems you instantly become the go-to man for police!  Authorities are still investigating

Want sauce with that?


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No Western Cooking Infidel!

I said no!

Seems Imadinnerjacket isn’t a fan of western scumdog cooking shows. Nope, in fact he’s banned the suckers from Iranian TV. Iran’s state broadcaster announced “From now on teaching how to cook non-Iranian dishes is banned,” No one puts Iranian dishes in the corner!  Hmm, well there goes Jamie Oliver’s chance of getting vegetables into their schools.


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eHarmony For The Supernanny

“Supernanny” Jo Frost is quitting show biz to start a family. Now all she has to do is find a man willing to put up with the naughty step! The single 39 year old workaholic, who lives with her dad when she isn’t flying around the world, believes it’s time to “create more balance in my life”. Honey, do you know how hard the dating scene is (even with your millions)?  Blahahaha, she’ll be back!


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