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Somewhere Under The Actors

Poor Liza (with a zee) found out that being vertically challenged can have its disadvantages after she was pushed out of the record breaking selfie at this years Oscars.



Dissed on the selfie ….



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Deadly Tweet

Question 3Tweeting about your hubby’s affair…. impulsive. Ending up dead in your 5 star hotel room … Pricelifeless. If you are the wife of an Indian politician and you discover that he has been cheating just keep your tweets quiet or you may come to an “unnatural and sudden” end. Isn’t that right Sunanda Pushkar?


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Geraldo Selfies

Geraldo Rivera does a selfieOh for the love of a middle life crisis 70 year old Geraldo Rivera has been snapping selfies and posting them on Twitter much to the horror of people everywhere. Look away loons, this can’t be unseen. Oh my eyes….my eyes….


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The Problem With Tweeting

Actress robbed after tweeting she was home aloneWhen you are a tad famous, it probably isn’t a wise thing to tweet you are home alone, unless of course you want three screwdriver and saw wielding robbers coming over…. isn’t that right Helen Flanagan? After the British actress unintentionally mentioned she was home by herself she found herself being confronted by the home invaders. The thieves got away with Jewelery, a mobile phone and a really great story to tell their mates.

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Bloody Cyclists



Oh for the love of silly young blonde female drivers. A young woman in England got herself in some big old trouble after she tweeted “Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier –I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax #bloodycyclists”
Yep, it went viral and yep, police have contacted the fool her.



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You Tweet!

Imagine training for years and years to qualify for the Olympics only to have your dreams shattered by a tweet. Introducing Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou. She tweeted this “with so many Africans in Greece, at least the mosquitoes of West Nile will eat homemade food” and now has been booted off the Olympic team. Hmm, that will be something to tell the grandkids!


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Coffee Sucks But The Killer Lives

A murderer has had his death sentence overturned after a juror tweeted that the “coffee sucks” during the trial and another juror fell asleep due to boredom. Despite being originally sentenced to death for the killing of a 17 year old during a robbery Erickson Dimas Martinez has had the sentenced overturned .


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Twisted Tweet!

OK, here’s the thing preschool teacher, do not, and I repeat DO NOT, tweet you want to rape little girls on your first day at work. The substitute teacher from Gothenburg in Sweden tweeted ” …preschool Start 9.30am. Think I will rape 6-7 young girls,” Oh boy, awkward.The principal of the school, who was notified about the disturbing tweets, suspected a certain male teacher and contacted police. So much for his career!


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Russell Crowe Is Alive And Tweeting

News flash….. Russell Crowe says he’s not dead, after rumors of his demise, down the side of a mountain in Austria, were greatly exaggerated!

Psst Wish I could say the same for his latest flick!


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