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The Problem With Tweeting

Actress robbed after tweeting she was home aloneWhen you are a tad famous, it probably isn’t a wise thing to tweet you are home alone, unless of course you want three screwdriver and saw wielding robbers coming over…. isn’t that right Helen Flanagan? After the British actress unintentionally mentioned she was home by herself she found herself being confronted by the home invaders. The thieves got away with Jewelery, a mobile phone and a really great story to tell their mates.

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Bloody Cyclists



Oh for the love of silly young blonde female drivers. A young woman in England got herself in some big old trouble after she tweeted “Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier –I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax #bloodycyclists”
Yep, it went viral and yep, police have contacted the fool her.



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Starbucks Fail

Kiss my Blarney ass!!!

Um, that’s awkward Starbucks. When the coffee giant tweeted to its followers “show us what makes you proud to be British.”, for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it might have been a good idea not to include the 2,000 followers from the Republic of Ireland. I’m just saying! So far Starbucks have tweeted two apologies.


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David Arquette Involved In Head On Accident

Don’t you worry though, Arquette just tweeted from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center saying “Luckily I have tiger’s blood running through my veins.” Evidently the car in front of him suddenly braked and he swerved to avoid a tail ender but instead drove into oncoming traffic.

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