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Spooks on Social Media

spyingGuess what? The CIA are on Twitter but they will neither confirm nor deny it. The agency has also opened Facebook, Flickr and YouTube accounts. May the spooks be with you!

Psst Evidently the CIA account is legit because Twitter has given it a verified icon.


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Anyone Care To Consciously Uncouple?

computer woman 2Seems Gwyneth split from hubby Chris Martin has caused a stir. No loons, no one cares about her or her marriage, what everyone is LOLing about is her choice of words to announce to the world that she and hubby no longer can stand the sight of each other …welcome to the world of “consciously uncoupling”. Yep, when she announced her split instead of saying “divorce”or “separation”  the ever attention seeking Gwyneth just took it that little too far by declaring they had consciously uncoupled. Well didn’t that just add a flame to the Twitterverse. Want a laugh go check out #consciouslyuncouple   . My favourite tweets so far are

I would probably consciously uncouple too if the only thing I ever ate was lemon water and vegan mayonnaise.

I’d like to Consciously Uncouple with all the Costco brand bras I’ve had in my drawer since high school

I dare say, ole chap, I should jolly well like to consciously uncouple with this guttersnipe of a glacier!” the Titanic

I need to consciously uncouple from the Ferrero Rocher fruit bowl situation before I turn into a pig

Anyone care to add?


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Geraldo Selfies

Geraldo Rivera does a selfieOh for the love of a middle life crisis 70 year old Geraldo Rivera has been snapping selfies and posting them on Twitter much to the horror of people everywhere. Look away loons, this can’t be unseen. Oh my eyes….my eyes….


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Most Inappropiate Tweet of the Week

goes to ….. the NRA member who tweeted this… “Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?”

Obviously doesn’t own a TV.

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Starbucks Fail

Kiss my Blarney ass!!!

Um, that’s awkward Starbucks. When the coffee giant tweeted to its followers “show us what makes you proud to be British.”, for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it might have been a good idea not to include the 2,000 followers from the Republic of Ireland. I’m just saying! So far Starbucks have tweeted two apologies.


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Kim Jong-Um DEAD????

The rumors of King Jong Um’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Damn you Twitter. For a few hours rumors were tweeting that North Korea’s new dictator leader, Kim Jong Um had been assassinated in Beijing. Seems it was a case of Chinese whispers, he’s still live and kicking. Move on nothing to see here!!!!

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Coffee Sucks But The Killer Lives

A murderer has had his death sentence overturned after a juror tweeted that the “coffee sucks” during the trial and another juror fell asleep due to boredom. Despite being originally sentenced to death for the killing of a 17 year old during a robbery Erickson Dimas Martinez has had the sentenced overturned .


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Starbucks And The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Oh for crying out loud Mister PeePee, masturbating in every New York City Starbucks is no way to go through life. The mystery man has been tweeting his progress is ranking every Starbuck toilet in the city by “boners”! The bathrooms lose points if they are unclean or he gets interrupted. I hope Mister PeePee  doesn’t get calluses , there are 298 Starbucks in the Big Apple.

Psst I checked his Twitter account he only has 60 followers!!!


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The Problem With La Twitter

When Eric Besson sent a sexy private tweet to his wife he didn’t realize he had accidentally sent it as a public tweet. Which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t France’s industry minister with 15,000 followers. Before he had a chance to delete the “When I get home I’m going to bed. Really tired. With you?” message, his followers had retweeted it all over the net. Hmm, sure hope the message was actually for his wife or that maybe even more awkward!

Psst Besson (53) is married to Yasmine Tordjman (24).


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Battle of the Bulge

OMG, when your name’s “Weiner” surely you would admit straight away that the bulging undies photo on Twitter was yours. Oh but no, it seems Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner was a tad shy in fessing up that he accidentally sent the photo of his undies and bulging penis to his Twitter account instead of  directly a young woman. I guess because he was worried his wife and family might be peeved, embarrassed, shocked etc. Anywho he’s not resigning.


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