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When Spiders Go Wild


Feet up Indian town of Sadiya  you  have a figgin nasty plague of rogue spiders. Two people have died so far, with scores rocking up at hospitals with bites. Locals say the venomous arachnids  are hanging in swarms and are flying at people who so much as stare at them. One victim said a spider leaped, bit and then stayed latched onto him. Experts are not sure what the hell type spider they are dealing with but fear it could be a new improved version of a tarantula, a black wishbone or a funnel-web spider…. none of which are native to the area. Good luck with that!


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Another Crusie Ship Fail

Note to self, if drifting in a small boat for 16 days and a Cruise Ship passes by, don’t bother waving a red sweater because they’ll ignore you anyways (even if the passengers tell the staff). The luxury cruise ship Star Princess, owned none other than by the same company as the stricken Costa Concordia is currently under investigation. Two of the occupants of the small boat, which had been adrift for a further 12 days, later died. The soul survivor is furious that the cruise ship didn’t stop to save them. Several passengers took photos of the boat which clearly shows them  waving their sweaters. One distraught passenger who was angry the ship wouldn’t stop went onto her computer and notified the US coastguard to no avail.


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