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Hurt Much?

Oh dear, two Victorian men decided to shoot each other in the butt with an air rifle to see whether it would penetrate the skin or if it would hurt much. Yes Loons, of course they had been friggin drinking. Two days later the duo rocked up to hospital where they both required surgery to have the slugs removed from their arses and legs. So I guess the answer to their questions are YES, YES.

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Lighting A Bomb 101

Crap, I knew the fuse was too short!

Two men from Milwaukee are licking their wounds after they were injured trying to light an explosive. One lost his hand in the explosion and the other is just glad he didn’t. The pair are now under investigation .

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Animal Rapist Should Marry Goat

You rape a goat in Mozambique you damn well marry it. So says the goat’s owner who was horrified to learn two young men had raped one of his herd. He not only wants them to pay him damages he wants them to have a traditional wedding  ceremony which includes paying a dowry. Police sprung the two men in the act in the rural town of Mbucuta. A witness said “One of the young men was naked and holding the goat’s head, and the other was having sex with the animal.” Awkward.  Hmm, I wonder if the bride will wear white?  I bet there will be a lot of salad!


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The Things Momma Didn’t Tell Ya

OK, here’s the thing two dudes from Knoxville who put lamp oil in a saucepan and lit it during a power outage, WTF were you thinking. Both sustained burns and smoke inhalation after lighting the pan and it flashed over, burning them and the apartment! Woof! It is believed the men were trying to find an alternative source of light after the power went out.Yeah, well in some ways they got their wish! Now three other tenants have been displaced and 7 units water damaged. They are going to be hell popular when they return!


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