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On the Streets of Philadelphia

OK, here’s the thing mother of a two year old, if your tyke walks up to a light post, pulls down his pants and pees, that’s  a fine. Hmm, no, just because the nearest bathroom was closed to the public is no excuse, that will be 50 bucks thanks. One more time, no peeing in public.


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Daddy Can I Have A Glass of Water?

This is why you should keep the lid closed!

The scariest thing I’ve heard all day. Kelvin Santos, a two year Brazilian boy who had been declared dead, sat up in his coffin, asked his daddy for a drink of water, and then plonked back down dead again. Everybody scream and run! Kelvin’s family had gathered for the funeral and were saying their goodbyes when he  sat up in the open coffin. The father raced him back to the hospital to be reexamined but they simply confirmed he was dead. Despite delaying the funeral for a few hours the family later buried Kelvin.

Want sauce with that?


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Two year Old Busts Some Moves

Hmm, are you sure he is dancing  and not just filling his nappy?

Psst Blame this one on Fairy Face!!!


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Daycare Tragedy

How do you accidentally leave a two year old on a daycare bus in 140 degrees (60 Celsius) heat for 6 hours? Haley Brockington literally baked to death after the driver for the Katie’s Kids Learning Center forgot about her and accidentally locked her inside . She was only discovered when the mini bus was unlocked at 4pm to take the snowflakes home. A worker at the center said  “It was a God’s honest mistake.” Hmm, try explaining that to her mom!

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And You Think You Have Problems

Meet Ardi Rizal, a 2 year old from Sumatra who has a 2 packet a day smoking habit. Daddy dearest got him smoking at 18 months and now he is addicted. Yul Brenner would have a fit!


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Forgetful Shiplifter

OK, here the thing Shannon Cooper, when you go on a shoplifting spree you should always remember to take your 2 year old son with you when you leave, otherwise it’s really embarrassing to have to come back. When Ms Copper ran out the Dollar General armed with her stolen goodies she forgot one thing, her son, but luckily a customer picked him up and yelled at the woman to get the hell back. Of course she came back, grabbed her kid and took off again. Shame she forgot one other thing. Her friggin wallet! Police came a knocking soon after and charged her with child neglect, retail petit theft and resisting without violence.


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