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How Old Do You Feel?

It’s the end of an era loons. The last typewriter factory in the world has closed it’s doors. Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd in Mumbai , India can no longer justify being open.


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What The Hell is a Typewriter?

I think it so we dont claim RSI

Has anyone got a spare ribbon?

Police in the Big Apple are still using typewriters . Hmm, yeah, what? Remember them? They were the things we used before the advent of computers. It also made Mike Nesmith’s mom really, really rich. But in the city that never sleeps, the click, click ,click of keys and the ting of the return carriage can be still be heard echoing down the corridors of the police department. In fact the NYPD spend about $1 million a year on purchasing and maintaining them! Reason? Hmm, well because their property and evidence vouchers are on carbon-paper forms, dah! And we all know you need a typewriter for that…hang on you could use a printer…never mind.

Despite police officers admitting they were reluctant to perform arrests for minor offences because of the outdated and time consuming equipment, it hasn’t stopped the department from ordering more. Ooh but I wouldn’t be taking computer classes just yet, officials have just  signed a new 3 year contract with the typewriter manufacturer Swintec. Hmm?

Psst Oh well if they think typewriters suck, wait till they try using Vista!

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