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Mystery Mouse

Whew, I could hold on much longer!

Whew, I couldn't hold on much longer!

Oh dear god, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are investigating claims a dead mouse was found in a can of Diet Pepsi. A guaranteed way to lose weight I say.Fred Denegri knew something was up when he thought his Diet Pepsi tasted weird. After pouring the contents out he discovered to his horror that his drink also contained the body of a mouse. Well, any consolation, at least it was dead! A spokesman for Pepsi said “It is virtually impossible for this type of thing to happen in a production environment,”. Seems unless it was speedy Gonzales there was no way in hell a rodent could get into their 1,250 cans a minute manufacturing process. It’s a job for David Copperfield.


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I Ate What?

Excuse me waiter?

Excuse me waiter?

What the? I didn’t have a clue that some food colorings are made from dried insect bodies. Dear lord. Thank god the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have seen the light and are now making it compulsory for companies to properly label their ingredient list. Hmm “this product contains insects” should look fantastic on my red cordial bottle. The insect in question is the cochineal (a scale insect that lives on cacti) and as far back as the Aztecs their dried crushed bodies have been used to produce a red dye known as carmine. OK, I get it now, the reason I didn’t know about this before is that companies have only been required to list the insect ingredient as “artificial colors” or “color added”. So now we can breath a little easier knowing that companies who use this dye will have to label their food with either “cochineal” or “carmine”.Despite a push by a few lobby groups, companies will be spared the embarrassment of having to put “this may contain insect parts” on their labels.

Psst Hey Fnord and here you were worried about chewing a few spiders in your sleep!


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