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UFO Files Censored

Last week after a great deal of hullabaloo from the general pubic about freedom of information yada, yada, yada, the British government released the Ministry of Defence UFO files. And we are talking friggin files upon files dating from 1994-2000.Weird alien abductions, flying saucers, strange skin rashes, tubes of light,you name it, its all there for all the world to see. So anywho, you would have thought it would have shut the x-filers up for a while. Nope, no sirree, now they are now bitching about the “blacked out” bits. Hmm, seems the “uncomplimentary comments”, made by military and police (where I assume they were pulling the piss big time) have been edited out. Oh boo, that would have been the most entertaining part. However, some of the more suspicious and cynical buffs believe there is more to the censoring of the files. Of course!

Psst To all you UFO buffs, click here for the Ministry of Defence  files and knock yourself out!


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UFO Over East Anglia

A job well down, pressure is off us again!

A job well down, pressure is off us again!

UFO alert ! One’s been spotted over East Anglia, England.Don’t get your knickers in a knot, the UFO was spotted in May 1957. And so why are we friggin hearing about it now? Well, it seems it was in a secret Ministry of Defence file which they have now deemed safe enough for us to see. OK picture it, it’s a dark , cloudy night and a US air force fighter pilot, Milton Torres, has been told to jump into his really expensive plane and intercept a strange mystery blip that had suddenly appeared over Norwich. When the pilot gets to the destination he’s given orders to fire 24 missiles at it (that’s an awful lot of missiles!), only problem was by the time he hit the trigger the friggin thing had vanished!Hate it when that happens! What the hell was it, not a commercial airplane I hope? Here is how Milton remembers it “It was totally black and the lights were down for night flying. I used my flashlight, still trying to fly and watch my radar. To put it quite candidly, I felt very much like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest,”.Some conspiracy theorists thinks Milton was a guinea pig in a test of the Palladium system, developed by the US to make “phantom” aircraft appear on Soviet radars.Yeah, or it could have been a friggin UFO!
Hmm, I hate it when the Military release UFO files, it means they’re up to something! And sure enough..the UFO sighting file was among 19 of them suckers, all full of crazy bizarre incidents. My favorite is the women who drew a self portrait of herself with pointy ears and wearing a gown, she was convinced she had crashed landed on earth during WWII and just wanted to go home to her planet of warrior women. See, now why would that be in a secret Ministry of Defence File huh? Another file contains info on a spate of London UFO sightings after a Tina Turner concert in 1989 (hell, that could have been her wardrobe). It is so typical to release “real” sightings amongst the just plain crazy stuff to blur those lines. Well, I’m not buying it, I believe there is a planet of warrior women!

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