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Beam Me Up Bro

Eh, bro!

Seems there has been  “unprecedented” UFO sightings  in New Zealand’s North Island in the past two months. Sheez, move on aliens, nothing to see there!

Psst 80-90% of sightings usually turn out to be  the bright shining Venus not alien spacecrafts.

Want sauce with that?


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What UFOs?

Get the hell out of here, we don't need the friggin paperwork!

Lost or conveniently misplaced? The Aussie military are claiming they have lost their X files. You know, the files containing all the hot juicy info on Unidentified Flying Objects. The discovery was made after a newspaper pulled out the old Freedom of Information (FOI) request  and got a “sorry we are unable to find the files” reply from Australia’s Department of Defense. Hmm, open that door nice and wide boys, you need to make room for all the conspiracy theorist to get through. Only one lousy file could be found and that was a sighting in Woomera a few decades ago…psst …Woomera is a military testing range in the friggin outback. The military are claiming all other files have been lost or destroyed. Evidently the Aussie military stopped taking UFO sighting reports from the public in the late 2000,  requesting all incidents now be reported to someone who cares. Hmm, that evidently is the police.


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UFO Over New York

No need to panic people but WTF was that hovering over New York? Hmm, look, up in the sky, is it a plane? A UFO checking out the new mosque site? The missing secret  US space shuttle? Some friggin advertising hoax? Dear god, please don’t let it be Independence Day!!!! Witnesses said the objects, which looked like a  cluster of stars, hovered for several hours bringing New York City to a  standstill. Interestingly, the date corresponds with Stanley A. Fulham’s prediction in his new book Challenges of Change, that tentatively predicts “October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities.” Skeptical loons? Check this out ,  New Book Predicts UFO encounter.

UPDATE : Take your tin foil hats off loons, false alarm. The UFOs are apparently birthday balloons let loose by the Westchester elementary school. Tin foiled again!


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Sell Crazy Somewhere Else

Go away, you don't exist!

You know if a friggin alien taps you on the shoulder in Britain there soon won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. All hail the British Defense Ministry who have declared war on those crazy UFO sighting people. They have announced that from now on any of you fruitcakes who’ve spied some friggin flying saucer hovering around your backyard,  seen an alien crop circling or you’ve been abducted and anally probed your  initially report will be taken seriously AND put  on file but only for 30 days . After that, you are on your own, the file will be destroyed and any chance of creditability will be erased.
The reasoning behind this is the British government see this service as a waste of defense resources.Really? Hmm, it sounds more like the ministry wants the info exempt from freedom of information laws which has allowed campaigners to force the government to disclose details of apparent UFO encounters. Ya think?  Wakey, wakey, it’s the friggin 21st century, just type or scan  the report onto your computer and viola…there forever. Gosh, do I have to show you everything? Aliens 1, true believers 0.


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UFO Worm Hole Cloud Over Mexico

OMG everybody panic…AGAIN! A UFO has left the building Earth. OK, there is 10 minutes of footage which means the UFO’s were taking there own sweet time. Cocky little shits doing it in broad daylight. The footage, which most would say is simply a cloud, has UFO believers excited. The footage was shot in Mexico and looks similar to the Russian cloud which we all panicked about last year.

Psst I’d pack your bags just in case this is the mother ship loons!


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