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Shall We Or Shan’t We?

OK, hold your horses for just one minute. Before any country accepts Gitmo detainees I think it only fair that Obama should first consider plonking them next to Bush and Cheney’s homes. They started it, so they should at least take responsibility for them (imagine, they could all go hunting together). Australia’s Foreign Minister is considering the request by the US Government to take a group of Gitmo detainees that the world has rejected. Mr Smith said he would look at the Chinese Muslim Uighur detainees  on a case by case basis “in accordance with the government’s strict immigration and national security requirements,” And what, pray tell is that, considering how many boat people are being allowed into the country each week? But the big question on everyone’s lips is why wont America take them? Opposition Foreign Minister said on radio “If these people are no longer suspects, we would want to know why the United States doesn’t release them into the United States if they cannot be returned to China,”. OK, just remember, these detainees, having been held for 6 years, have not been charged and are free to leave at anytime. Unfortunately no country so far will accepted them, including the US. Why? Hmm, on a totally different tangent…considering how many Aussie pensioners are living on the bread line and how many citizens have been forced to live in cars in recent months wouldn’t it be a nice idea for the Government to look after their own  first (for a change)!

Psst Now people, before you come out firing, can you give some thoughts and opinions without too much yelling and screaming. Yeah, yeah I know I like stirring the pot and we love people speaking their minds but keep the insults to a minimum 🙂 .


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