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Party Poopers

Sheez, awesome decaf

Sheez, awesome decaf

Authorities in the Ukraine would like to talk to the person who turned a  coffee vending machine in the center of town into vodka dispensing device. For $1 you got yourself a shot of vodka with a dash of fruit mix. Genius. Unfortunately the Ukrainian tax collectors don’t think so because they want to charge the person with illegally trading in alcohol.


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Sorry Dad, I Thought It Was Loose Change

No, I won’t take you to the dentist

You are 9 years old living in Ukraine. One day you discover your parents secret stash of money hidden in the couch. What do you do? Well, you take that $4,000 and you spend it on candy, that’s what. Every last hryvnas. But to alleviate most of the guilt you share the candy with your mates. Christmas is really gonna suck for you kid.


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Vodka Bears


Ukraine is rounding up all its drunken bears off the streets and throwing them into rehab. Seems Greenpeace and WWF have finally convinced the country to place a total ban on alcohol drinking bears. Three recovering alcoholic brown bears are set to be released into a 30 acre forest very soon. They will be surrounded by people from the nearby villages who are “kindly and churchgoing”. Unfortunately Rosa, a big female bear is still an alcoholic …hmm watch out kindly and churchgoing people!!! It is estimated that there are over 100 vodka drinking bears looking to dry out.


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Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina

OMG, a video which was taken off Youtube because of its ‘shocking and disgusting’ content has resurfaced and gone pretty much viral. The video entitled ‘Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina’ shows a woman friggin swinging a little biddy baby by it’s arms and legs. It was originally thought the video was a fake but now people aren’t so sure.

WARNING  : This video is graphic , so if you don’t want to see a baby being flung around by it’s arms and legs don’t click.


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Isn’t There An Easier Way of Getting Rid Of Rats?

Oh for goodness sakes, three people in Ukraine have died after the head of the household, decided to exterminate the rats in their house with exhaust fumes. Sheez, this was always going to end up badly. The 71 year old man attached a hose to his ZAZ-968 “Zaporozhets” car’s exhaust pipe and put the other end of the hose into the basement. Once he started the car’s engine  he went upstairs and let the fumes do the rest.  Unfortunately curiosity got the better of him and he snuck downstairs to have a quick peek of his handy work. But as soon as he entered the basement, kaboom, he lost consciousness. A little while later his worried wife ventured down to the basement in search of her hubby and kaboom, she too fell down unconscious. OK, you are beginning to see a pattern here right? Next their granddaughter. In the end all three died.

No Jammers, I don’t know if he managed to kill any rats!


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Topless Protesters Make Elections Interesting

Show us your ...ah never mind

Well the Ukrainian election just got a whole lot more exciting after a small feminist group called Femen rolled up half naked to a polling station. Best turn out ever I am guessing.  They were there to heckle candidate Viktor Yanukovich who was expected to show up to vote. Wearing jeans and green tape across their nipples the women held up signs saying “Enough raping our democracy!” and “Help! Rape!” but I am pretty sure no one was really looking at the signs (especially the men). Might have had more luck writing it across their chests (just a thought!).


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Not Flush Anymore!

Ukraine man gets his arm stuck in public toiletIf you were to drop $24 into a public toilet by accident what would you do? Well in the case of 47 year old Ukrainian man you would try to retrieve it. Unfortunately in his desperation to grab the cash he got his arm stuck right up to his elbow. Geez, emergency workers had to remove friggin tiles, drill the toilet right off the concrete floor  and cut the pipes but to no avail. It was only when the hydraulic shears and plumbers torch were brought in did they finally free the embarrassed man.

Psst I hope he was clutching that damn money!


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