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Why Is the Statue Of David’s Penis Uncircumcised?

OK loons, here’s a question for ya …. why is the statue of David’s penis uncircumcised? I know, I know, but it’s like the big friggin elephant in the room!  However I am currently researching Michelangelo’s chiseled piece and thought it strange that David (obviously Jewish) hadn’t been snipped. David, by the way, is the dude that slingshotted Goliath. Theories?

Psst If you look closely you will also notice that David’s head and hands are way too big for the rest of the body. That’s because the statue was intended to be plonked atop the cathedral. Michelangelo  accentuated the important parts so they could be visible by people from below. So why such a small penis?

It's a bit on the wee side too!

Hmm, and makes his penis even smaller!


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