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Didn’t I tell You To Wear Clean Undies?

Ewh, ewh, ewh, authorities in Washington State have used DNA from a pair of undies left at a burglary to solve the crime. You gotta hate that friggin DNA database huh? Anywho, the underpants, which were left behind along with shoes and pants, came up a perfect match for some dude who was already in jail on other burglary charges. Hmm, just add this to the list!


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Double Trouble

A family that drug smuggles together gets arrested together. A mother and her two six year old twins have been caught at a Nigerian airport with cocaine stuffed down their undies. The hubby on the other hand was found to have no drugs in his possession. Ah what the heck, he was charged with drug smuggling too. Luckily for the twins they were released into the care of family members because authorities believed they weren’t really involved…just mules!.

Psst Good lord, to think someone may have sniffed that up their nostril after being so close to someone’s butt!


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Horrifying Undies Survey Results

Half of Aussie men admit to having worn same undies 3 days in a rowOh dear god, say it ain’t so. According to a study commissioned by Bonds, more than half of Aussie men have admitted wearing the same pair of undies up to 3 days in a row. Now that’s gross (you should never admit things like that). Of that group, some admitted to wearing them for up to a week or more before changing them. Oh how pathetic (mum on hols?). 7% of men surveyed said they had worn woman’s underwear.Oh and lets skip to “age of undies”, the average life expectancy of an Aussie man’s undies is 2 and a half years, though a large percentage said they still wore undies up to 10 years old. Please don’t let them survey woman!!!!!

Psst Well guess what will be hanging in Aussie men’s Chrissy stockings this year? Geez, I hope the stockings are clean?

2nd Psst Go and check Bearman’s piss pulling on this survey Aussie Undies.


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