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Balls of Steal

‘Anti-radiation’ undies anyone? Yep, protect your important asset boys by getting yourself some Wireless Armour underwear which is woven with a mesh of silver. Now you can carry your smartphone without fear of nuking your genitals and damaging your sperm (god forbid). The undies are available in two styles – tight-fitting boxer briefs or loose trunks.


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Nazi Undies

Oh dear god, hands up who wants Eva Braun’s undies? Seems an antique shop in Ohio has her French silk panties and wants $7,500 for them. Oh and if you are in any doubt they are hers they have the initials E.B. sewn on them…. hmm, probably to avoid being  mixed up with Adolph’s silkies . Evidently, a few years back a US Air Force guy was flogging Nazi memorabilia which included a stockpile of about 30 pairs of Braun’s knickers.

PSST I bet they have a few stories to tell.

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Tight Undies Excuse

A Winnipeg MP caused quite a stir with his excuse for leaving his seat during a ballot.


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What Is This Stain On My Chicken??????

Meat plant owner used underwear to clean  equipmentOh for the love of hygene. An illegal Bristol  meat processing plant owner dodged a jail sentence after it was discovered he was using undies to clean his makeshift butchery. Did I happen to mention he had no wash basins or knife sterilisers either? Evidently the shonky businessman was supplying around 60 businesses in the Bristol area with unhygenic chicken and meat. The dude got busted when a customer at a takeaway complained about a piece of wire found in his fried chicken and the health inspector traced it back to him. Inspectors discovered that he had been buying chicken from reputable suppliers, stripping it off the bone and dicing it, and then putting it back into the original supplier’s boxes which had the “health” mark stamped on it.


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Well I’m All Shook Up

Oh my, a pair of soiled Elvis undies failed to sell at an auction in Britain. The light blue undies were evidently worn underneath his famous white jumpsuit during one of his 1977 concerts. Oh well, I guess no one wants to use that DNA to clone him!!!!

Psst Hmm, by soiled do they mean skid marked?



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Undie Bombs Are Back!

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ..kaboom!

Oh no, those ghastly underpants bombs are back, only this time new and improved. Seems al Qaeda are determined to blow up a passenger plane using the knickers approach. CIA uncovered the plot in Yemen. This time the undies contained no metal  and authorities are not sure if they would have been detected at airport security, despite sophisticated scanning equipment. CIA suspect the underwear bomb is the work of master bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri (and wannabe fashionista) minus the printer cartridges. Oh and happy one year anniversary of rotting in hell Osama.

Psst I’m guessing TSA frisking is gonna get a whole lot more risque!


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Anyone Missing 3000 Pairs of Undies?

Hey Bearman,  you know anything about this? Seems someone has discarded 3,000 pairs of new and used panties along a roadside in Ohio.


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If Those Undies Could Talk

Ewh, someone bought Bernie Madoff’s undies at an auction for $200. Now that’s a pongy scheme!


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Never Get Caught With Your Pants Down


Oh for crying out loud why did they have to mention Osama Bin Laden was shot dead in his undies? Now I can’t get the image out of my head. OK, two conflicting images, Y-fronts or briefs!!!! Oh and were they clean!

Want sauce with that?


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Honey, Why Does This Mink Stink?

What the? Stephanie Moreland, who was arrested on suspicion of stealing a $6,500 mink coat from the Alaskan Fur Company in Minnesota, sat in jail for three days with it hidden in her undies (undetected).Damn, she’s good. She even modified her knickers for the fur theft, cutting out the rear so it looked as though she wasn’t  wearing underwear whilst all the time the coat was stuffed down the front. When police arrested her, Moreland denied having the coat.It was only after Bloomington police  told her she was being sent to a downtown jail did she lift her dress and produce the coat. Ta-da.

Psst Not all the dry cleaning in the world would…ah never mind!

Want sauce with that?


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