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German City Evacuated After Discovery of Two WWII Bombs

The sins of the past continue to haunt Germany with two large unexploded World War II bombs being discovered in a river in the city of Koblenz. The discovery forced 50,000 residents to be evacuated, including people from 7 nursing homes, 2 hospitals and inmates from a prison. The bombs, one a 1.8 tonne British device and the other a 125kg American device had been lying in the river for 60 odd years waiting to go kaboom. The bombs were discovered when the water level dropped due to drought conditions. So far 28  bombs have been discovered since 1999. Last year three bomb experts died trying to defuse a bomb in Lower Saxony and another three people were killed when a 500kg bomb exploded during construction of a sports stadium. Evidently around 1 in 10 bombs dropped in Germany during World War II didn’t explode.

Psst Why haven’t the German waterways been swept for unexploded bombs?


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Hey, That Looks Like a Bomb!

Another friggin controlled burn

OMG, you know what I hate? When the Department of Transportation in Silver Springs conducts a controlled burn and discovers an unexploded 8 inch mortar round. Duck! Enter Explosive Ordinance and Disposal Unit who removed the sucker.

Psst Well at least it wasn’t weapons of mass destruction. Kaboom!

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