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Jumbo Jumpsuit Dilemma

A New York jail is being sued for a million bucks by a man who was forced to wear the same set of clothes in jail for 8 months. OK, Elias Diaz weighed 400lbs (181kgs) and there just wasn’t no jumbo jumpsuit big enough to fit his girth but he claims there was a friggin tailor on staff. To add insult to injury, Diaz had to wash his clothes in the shower. Why? Surely they had a laundry? Anywho, he’s making a bigger stink now!


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Cop Caught Having Sex On Hood Of Car

Awkward. A New Mexico State Policeman had no idea that a surveillance camera was filming him having sex on the hood of a car with a woman while still in his uniform.The officer believed to be Bert Lopez was named “Officer of the Year” in 2010 for “going above and beyond the call of duty.” Hmm, you can say that again!

Psst No word on who owned the chihuahua!

UPDATE:  The dude’s been fired. So now, he’s been totally screwed! What about all this “going above and beyond the call of duty.” ? Mixed messages, me thinks.


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