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Skimpy Bathers Banned From United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates bans skimpy swim suitsPack away your bikinis and budgie smugglers would-be United Arab Emirates travellers because  they are planning to ban you from wearing skimpy swim suits on their beaches. Seems you are upsetting the locals who can’t take the muffin tops and wobbly bits any longer.


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RIP Awana Diab

Remember Awana Diab the United Arab Emirates midfielder soccer player who backheel kicked a penalty goal during a soccer match against Lebanon and became an internet sensation? Yes, well sadly Awana has died in a car accident after driving home from training, he was only 21.

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Sanction Breakers

Damn you western scum

Damn you UN western scum

Hey Kimmy Jong Il, been out of the news for a while huh? Never mind, you’re backkk, ooh and you’ve dragged in some unusual accomplices. The United Arab Emirates have seized an Aussie owned cargo ship, the ANL-Australia (flying a Bahamas flag) bound for Iran with a load of North Korean weapons on board. The little seizure included 14 included rocket launchers, detonators, munitions and ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades. That will earn Tehran and Pyongyang some more nice little harsh letters from the UN Security Council sanctions committee (to add to their collection). Oh and if you were wondering about Australia’s involvement, the ship is controlled by a French conglomerate and the export was arranged by the Shanghai office of an Italian company.Evidently the ship was supposedly carrying oil boring machines but some of it’s cargo was deceptively labeled (hmm, probably with Pyongy beer!).


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That’s Not Going To Look Good On Your Passport

Aussie gets a life ban from UAE for giving the fingerI wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the United Arab Emirates. An Australian nurse, Darren O’Mullane, spent 24 days in jail before being deported  for “flipping the bird” . The incident happened after he had just finished a 13 hour shift at a local hospital in Dubai. Mr O’Mullane was driving home when he got stuck behind a driver who was swerving all over the road and talking on a cell phone. As he passed the dude he gave him the finger. Oh dear, the driver tailgated him right up to his apartment and then rang the police. I guess Mr O’Mullane didn’t realize the guy was a UAE official… bummer. Well, at least his wife had 24 days to quit her job, pack up their things and get the hell out of there. Shame about the house, cars and cat !

Psst Mr O’Mullane is never allowed to set foot back in the United Arab Emirates….lifetime ban.Well done!


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