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Man Seeking Kidney

Man holds up sign seeking kidney donorYou know in this day and age the last thing you expect to see on the side of the road in the US is a young man holding up a sign seeking a kidney donor. Earl Martinez (28) from Oregon has a genetic kidney disease but doesn’t need money, just a kidney. And yes, he has insurance that will cover not only his medical costs but the donor as well. Unfortunately Earl’s family can’t offer one of their own because it is a genetic disease, so he is hoping someone who sees his sign (and wants to give up a kidney)  might just come forward. Currently he has to receive dialysis treatments for four hours three times a week.


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Heads You Win, Tails You Win

They said it was a sure thing!!!

They said it was a sure thing!!!

Decisions , decisions. Pres Obama can wipe $1 trillion off the US deficit simply by requesting that the US Treasury mint a $1 trillion coin. Hmm, isn’t that like cheating? Anywho seems some financial experts are begging him to make the call.

Psst Isn’t that what Russia did and turned their Rubles into rubble?


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Obama Goes It Alone

How do you know when the US president has lost his teleprompter? Hmm, when you suddenly get an awful lot of one sentence speeches. I’m just saying! Obama has made his first official speech without TOTUS today….,yes he did. And what did he say unprompted? “It is great to be at Fire Station Number 9 with some of Virginia’s finest,” tada!

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Friggin Hairy Crazy Ant Invasion

Which way do I go, I'm so confused?

What’s hairy, covered in spikes, runs around in circles and bites like a bitch? Hairy crazy ants that’s what and they are currently invading the US. Feet up everybody. These nasty little ranga-like ants, which  originate from the Caribbean,  are vicious, destructive and breed like rabbits. They are currently making circles beyond  Texas and Mississippi to Lousiana. Their party trick is to get inside electrical boxes and devices and then short them out, that includes computers and TVs loons!!! Authorities are asking anyone who finds a hairy crazy ant in  their house dancing around in circles to notify them.


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Cocaine Laced With Flesh Eating Drug

Attention cocaine users in New York and LA, if you notice parts of your nose, ear or cheek being eaten away its probably because the drug’s been laced with levamisole. Egads! Levamisole is a drug used by veterinarians to deworm pigs, sheep and cattle but can also rot human flesh . Evidently 80% of the US coke supply contains it. For some reason dealers  have been using it as a filler for cocaine instead of the usual baking soda. On the bright side once the drug is out of your body the wounds will heal. On a bit of a bummer note, it usually leaves a shiny scar.

Want sauce with that?


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The Latest Pill Panic

Try this

Oh for crying out loud people, stop buying friggin radiation pills. How many times do I have to say it, the disaster is in Japan, not America or Canada. Health agencies in California and Canada are warning people to stop buying potassium iodide as it’s “not a radiation antidote in general.” The fear that radiation could reach their shores and the fact no one believes a word any government says, has caused a mini-panic. One company has already sold out of 10,000 14 pill packs. Anywho, before you rush off to join the panic,  the tablets are solely designed to shield the thyroids from radioactive iodine. In other words IT BLOCKS NO OTHER TYPE OF RADIATION NOR PROTECTS ANY OTHER BODY PART. Oh and if you are over 40 you’re screwed, it won’t help ya! So if you are that concerned I suggest you ring up any old nuclear power plant near you and ask if they have any spare radiation suits.


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Better Than Having To Talk To Those Freaks

And now for a piece of useless information. How many text messages are received every single day in the US? If you said about 200,000,000,000,000 (which is friggin two hundred trillion) you’d be  correct. Teens alone send on average about 3339 a month. OMG, I’m LMfrigginAO!


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The Friggin Stuxnet Worm

Ever heard of the Stuxnet worm? Well it is supposedly some you bute friggin nasty assed virus built for the sole purpose of attacking computers at Iran’s nuclear facility.The worm is rumored to have been developed in either Israel, the United States or both (surprise, surprise).However a chunk of code dug from the worm includes a reference from the Book of Esther hinting that the Israeli government are the likely culprits. Presently the worm is wreaking havoc with Iran’s computers and is threatening to halt the opening of its first nuclear facility.Imadinnerjacket will be pissed.


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Russian Sleeper Spies Have Sing-along With Putin

When I was a spy....

Don’t get me wrong but shouldn’t Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin be a little less cheery about his get together with the 10 sleeper agents who were recently booted out of the United States. It kind of makes diplomatic relations with the US a little awkward don’t you think?  Sheez, if that was me I’d be bitch slapping them to kingdom come for their complete inability and failure in getting even an itsy bitsy of valuable info out of US in the ten friggin years they were “supposedly” on their mission.  Sheez, hows about that for a big friggin waste of time and money. Russia shouldn’t be proud, they should be hanging their head in shame.In the good old days that was a friggin one way ticket to Siberia.

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Actress Arrested Over Sham Marriage

Hey, will you marry me?

For the love of Gerard Depardieu! Honey, sweetie, darl, marrying a pizza delivery guy to get a green card will only buy you trouble with all the toppings. Mexican soap opera actress Fernanda Romero has been arrested on suspicion of having a sham marriage in order to claim residency in the United States. Her biggest boo boo was dating a photographer shortly after the shamaroo, he dobbed her in to immigration. Now Romero and pizza dude, Kent Ross, are facing 5 years in jail.


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