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Won’t See That On The Packet


OK smokers finding it hard to quit? Well pull up a chair I think I can help you out. A University of Sydney professor Simon Chapman reckons cigarette filters may contain pig’s blood. Oh yummy, pig hemoglobin. Feeling woozy yet? Hmm, I am guessing the Jews, Muslims and vegetarians are going to be really pissed at this little revelation. So far the Tobacco industry are keeping their mouths well and truly shut about the allegation. Evidently the contents of  suicide sticks are highly confidential and have never been released to the public. Oink!


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Male Science Nerds Most Likely Virgins

Now everyone friggin knows!

Gosh,now everyone knows!

Did they really have to do a study to find out that male science nerds were the most likely to be virgins than anyone else on campus? That’s like DAH! The research by Melissa Kang, included 185 students from the University of Sydney.Her studies showed that male science students were least likely to have had sexual intercourse whilst female art students were the most active in that department (go girls).Despite all the professionals coming up with excuses like work ethic, devotion to the lab and boys  having sex later than girls blah blah blah the bottom line is geeks find it harder to get laid. Maybe they should seriously consider shifting the labs nearer to the Arts building? Just a suggestion, gosh!

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