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Buy It If You Dare

WTF was that?

Forget Amityville, forget Salem’s Lot, we have a new scary house on the block and it’s on the market. Yay! It sits on the ridge in the Hollywood Hills with the greatest view of the Hollywood sign and it’s either haunted or cursed (take your pick). So far the 1995 mansion has had two owners but no occupants, oh unless you call the squatters, gangs and crackheads who have frequently it while it’s been empty, occupants! But don’t you fear potential buyers, it now has a 24 hour guard and all the windows and doors are nailed shut. For a cool $15,200,000 , 2450 Solar Drive could be all yours including the rumored ghosts, aliens and crackheads. OK, no one really knows what the hell is wrong with the house, all they know is it’s friggin freaky.

Psst Click here if you are thinking of buying!

Want sauce with that?


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