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It Was Bound To Happen

Finally someone is peeved at discovering their  loved one was featured on the website People Of Walmart. Don’t know it? Well where the hell have you been hiding all these years? The site encourages people to snap unflattering photos of bizarre customers who shop at Walmart and then they upload them onto their website so everyone can have a laugh.  Anywho, Melanie Wheeler isn’t laughing, her mom (who was snapped wearing  a coat) was tagged “A member of the Canadian division of the trench coat mafia” and she wants it removed.

Psst Hmm, so how did Melanie discover the photo seeing that her mom had no idea she was being photographed? Was she having a little sticky beak?

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Vatican Not Happy!

Guess who’s none too happy about the “father of the test tube baby”,  Robert G. Edwards, winning a Nobel prize? Go on, guess? If you said the Vatican, take a gulp  of  communion wine. An official with the Vatican, Ignazio Carrasco de Paula, said it was “completely inappropriate” and that his work “had created a market for human eggs and created problems of embryos being frozen.”  Hmm, like the Vatican should be talking about what is inappropriate?


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Pretty In Pink

OK, here’s the thing Italian advertising agency, making a fashion ad featuring Hitler in friggin pink, with a heart armband instead of the swastika, is only gonna get you  grief. Duh! The giant poster which was placed on a billboard in Palermo, Sicily, has enraged the locals. The agency defended their work by saying the caption “Change Your Style. Don’t Follow Your Leader.” was intended to ridicule the Nazi dictator not “minimize his crimes”. Hmm, not according to the local association of partisans who said  it is offensive, especially to everyone who fought against fascism and should be removed immediately. Oh crap, if they hated that billboard wait until next month when it’s replaced with Mao, China’s communist dictator!


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Who The Hell Is Justin Bieber?

Seems in a three year old’s world, Justin Bieber is bigger than the Wiggles, who knew? Little Cody cried her little heart out when talking about her hero…whoever he friggin is….and them mommy posted it on Youtube for us all to enjoy!

Psst Oh boy, when little Cody grows up, she is going to be hell embarrassed!


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Stop Vegetable Abuse

Friggin dill pickle!

Well I’ll be, seems some Texans have got themselves in a pickle over a cucumber billboard. What appears to be an innocent billboard ad was actually put up by Condoms to Go and Sara’s Secret who both sell adult sex toys and the like.The whole “stop vegetable abuse” is aimed at tying to get people to use alternative devices besides vegetables and fruit.
Wanna see their TV commercial?


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