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On the Streets of Philadelphia

OK, here’s the thing mother of a two year old, if your tyke walks up to a light post, pulls down his pants and pees, that’s  a fine. Hmm, no, just because the nearest bathroom was closed to the public is no excuse, that will be 50 bucks thanks. One more time, no peeing in public.


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Here Pussy, Pussy, Pussy

A man in Australia has been arrested after he deliberately ran his sister down with his car after her cat pissed on his computer. She remains in a serious condition in hospital, bro has been arrested and the cat lives to spray another day.


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Gerard Depardieu Pees On Plane

La gross!  French actor Gerard Depardieu has urinated in an Air France plane after the cabin crew refused to allow him to use the toilet. Seems Depardieu was bursting to go  but was told he had to wait 15 minutes for the plane to be in the air. Unfortunately he couldn’t wait that long  so he unzipped his fly and pissed on the aisle carpet, much to the amusement and horror of some passengers. The plane immediately taxied back to the gate and passengers were removed while the crew were left to clean up the piss. No word yet on whether France’s living treasure will be charged.


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Lucky He Wasn’t Playing Craps

You know what I hate? When some drunk fool urinates in a slot machine at the MontBleu Casino, I really friggin hate that!

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Mom, Dad, Meet The Newest Member Of The Family!!!

Dude, you dropped the dog!!!!


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Woman Headbutts and Urinates On Security Guard

OK, here’s the thing Marilyn Cole, headbutting and pissing on a Wal-Mart security guard is gonna get you a friggin date with the law. The would-be Wal-Mart thief had just nicked some make-up and curtains with a friend when she was spotted by a security guard. As he tried to stop them from making their great escape in a car he was head-butted and fell backwards into the car. It was here it got a little ugly, Cole sat on him and as he tried to call 911 on his phone, she fought him for it and in the ensuing battle she urinated on him. Wal-Mart Security guy 0, seriously gross thief 0, car seat 0… no winners here!


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