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Special K!

Step away from your cereal bowls loons. Dear lord, a video “supposedly” of a disgruntled Kellogg’s worker peeing on products on the assembly line has appeared on Youtube. The crunchy ones on the top you can eat, while the ones on the bottom you can drink. Kellogg’s are in damaged control as they work with law enforcement to identify the culprit at the Memphis facility . They believe the products that could be affected included Rice Krispies Treats and puffed rice cake products. But before you go throwing out your cereal the incident happened in 2014 so it is more than likely the contaminated cereal has already been eaten.


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Your Pee Don’t Stick

Only a matter of time

The city of Hamburg has come up with an ingenious way of pissing on the pissers. The walls of stink that have engulfed some popular night spots (due to men relieving themselves on them) have now been coated with liquid repellent paint. You pee on them and it comes right back at ya.


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The Art of Peeing Standing Up

toilet 6


Heavens to murgatroyd. It seems men in Germany men are not responsible for the damage made to floors from peeing standing up. You heard me. A judge has sided with a clumsy tenant who was suing his landlord for not returning his bond due to the pee stain damage on the marble floor around the loo. In his findings the judge said the landlord should have warned the tenant of the floor’s “sensitivity” to urine droplets.

PSST Dear god, Germany even has a word for men who wee standing up, it is “Stehpinkler”. Those who choose to sit are called “Sitzpinkler”.


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Wee Problem

Gotta go, gotta go

Gotta go, gotta go

Woohoo friggin Ohio, home of Bearman, you guys love taking the piss. The wee town of Put-in-Bay has netted $5,280 by simply fining people for urinating in public. 32 just this summer.Hmm, maybe the money could help fund a public toilet?


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Phantom Chair Pisser Caught

Stop looking loons, thanks to a hidden camera the mystery office chair piddler has been found. Seems since October last year Raymond  has been peeing on the office chairs of his female co-workers during his off hours.


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Bad Bank Deposit

Get it off me!!!

Don’t you hate disgruntled customers, especially when they urinate in the tube at a bank drive through and you get covered in pee. Evidently a male cutomer who was angry that he couldn’t purchase a money order, sort revenge by pissing in the bank tube. A short time later another customer pulled up to the same drive through lane and yep, she picked up the tube and the pee spilled into her car and onto her. Well, that stinks!


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And He Went Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

You know what I hate? When you’re taking a piss on the side of the road and accidentally roll down a 30ft embankment. I really friggin hate that! Don’t worry folks, he’s OK, 911 came to the rescue.

Want sauce with that?


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Revenge Can Be Bitter

What is up today with all this pooping and peeing people? Richard Bloem is in big doodah after he allegedly broke into his ex girlfriend’s apartment and pissed in her food. According to police Mr Bloem had had a key cut without her knowledge and entered the apartment. At some stage he urinated in a bottle of 2009 Kendall-Jackson Riesling, some half-and-half creamer and a pitcher of Crystal Light before leaving. He now faces 17 months behind bars and a story he wouldn’t want to tell his grandkids!

Want sauce with that?


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Pulling The Piss

I'll have another of the same!

Adolfo Mosmann, a student from Brazil, was arrested after allegedly leaving two cups of urine on a bar at the House of Blues in Orange County. Adolfo was original thrown out but returned later wearing a different shirt. He then urinated in the cups before leaving them at the bar where people were drinking.


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Shit, There Goes The Neighborhood!

OMG, Queensland has introduced a new law which means you could now get an on the spot for swearing or pissing in public. The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is hoping the new powers will help stop minor public offences from clogging up the courts. So one more time people,  urinating or swearing  in public will get you an on the spot fine of between $100-$300.  That’s an estimated Government saving of between $18-$30 million a year. Shit!


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