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Why You Should Never Use a Convenient Store Microwave

One more times Loons, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT use a 7-Eleven microwave to heat up a urine sample. A woman in Colorado did and it went kaboom. Yep, the plastic bottle exploded and lined the oven with yellow, smelly pee. When confronted by staff, the woman wiped the pee onto the floor and walked out. Say it ain’t so.


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OK, one more time people, please DON’T use other people’s urine to pass a drug test. A woman in Ohio was handed an 18 month sentence after she thought she had fooled the system by submitting someone else’s urine. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask the vital question because her friend’s sample tested positive for drugs. Damn it!

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Bottoms Up

coughAttention drinkers. If you happened to have bought a bottle of Smirnoff or Jack Daniels from a store in Blackpool (Duncan?) you might want to a) throw them out b) regift c) rinse your mouth out. Seems some prankster filled the bottles with urine and faeces, resealed them and then thought it was funny to sell them to unsuspecting customers.

PSST  A new meaning to being pissed.


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Well That Stinks

OMG, workers at a San Francisco rail station had to call in a hazardous materials team after dismantling a broken escalator and finding piles and piles of human feces.  Officials say human poo and urine are the main cause of escalator breakdowns , because the homeless people use the stairwell as a toilet when the station is closed.



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Swimmers, Can You Stop Weeing In The Lakes!!!!!

Attention Germans who swim in Hamburg lakes, can you stop peeing in the water, you are killing the fish. Thank you! About 500 fish are now dead thanks to you inconsiderate bastards. Evidently, your piddle is putting heaps of phosphate into the lake which has contributed to the build up of algae that in turn has  killed the fish. So quit it!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Bad Bank Deposit

Get it off me!!!

Don’t you hate disgruntled customers, especially when they urinate in the tube at a bank drive through and you get covered in pee. Evidently a male cutomer who was angry that he couldn’t purchase a money order, sort revenge by pissing in the bank tube. A short time later another customer pulled up to the same drive through lane and yep, she picked up the tube and the pee spilled into her car and onto her. Well, that stinks!


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Dumbest Thing You Will Hear All Day

An Indianapolis man who was pulled over for erratic driving  told officers he didn’t do anything wrong by drinking and driving because he didn’t hit anyone!

Psst He also threw urine over a cop when he refused a breathalyzer test and was taken to a local hospital. Double dumb.


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Can You Smell Something?

Could work!

Yah for alternative medicine except when it involves rubbing piss all over yourself I say. Alfred Zoppelt has been fired after working for 23 years at the Belvedere museum in Vienna because he continually washes his hands and face with urine. Yeah, yeah, yeah  it is suppose to have friggin medicinal benefits but try telling that to the staff who have to work with him. For crying out loud he’s leaving a urine trail!

Psst A curious Loon wants to know if he is using his own wee?


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Urine Fetish

Oh for crying out loud mister, that is gross. A Columbus man is heading to jail for 30 days and then will be under house arrest for another 5 years after he was caught collecting urine from a public toilet to drink. Yes, allegedly Alan David Patton has a urine fetish and was arrested after spending nearly an hour in a Burger King bathroom. Evidently Mr Patton has had quite a past history of arrests including voyeurism, public indecency, criminal mischief and rape.

Psst Whole new meaning to getting pissed!


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Clean Getaway

OK, here’s the thing Swedish bank robbers, if you’re planning to spend the weekend locked in a vault make sure you take your three bottles of urine with you when you go. That’s a DNAing and a sure fire way of getting your sorry asses put behind bars. The two men snuck into the vault on Friday and emptied 140 safety deposit boxes before waiting until the bank reopened on Monday to sneak back out. Unfortunately they left a calling card, three bottles of pee.


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