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Halt, Is That Bologna?

Holy bologna Batman. Did you know it is illegal to sneak lunchmeat across the US border? Well you should!  US customs and border security have seized 35 rolls of bologna… that’s around about 4,000 a sandwiches worth, people. Problem it seems is the pork content. It has the potential to spread foreign animal diseases to pigs. Hmm, Arnie, you better be careful what you  eat!


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If first you don’t succeed, think middle ages. Drug smugglers have been caught on surveillance cameras catapulting packs of cannibis over the Mexican border into the US. Atta boys.The fun ended after the Naco Border Patrol Station watched them for awhile before contacting the Mexican authorities. Yes, they even seized the catapult!


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You Used Which Toilet?

OK people, building a tunnel under a fake toilet from Mexico to the US border was a smart idea, because lets face it, that would be the last place white people would look. But unfortunately the drug cartel’s little plan backfire when it was only 50m from US territory. Oh shit, so close! Thirteen construction workers were busted during the raid by federal police. The 270m long tunnel was 20 m deep and had taken two years to construct. The toilet, which was located in a storage facility, had a hydraulic mechanism which allowed it to move. The tunnel itself was equipped with phone line, electricity and air conditioning. Geez, these drug cartel people think of everything.


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