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Let the Conspiracies Fly

When the latest Wikileaks was unleashed yesterday a certain section of the community collectively shouted “we knew it!” The info pertained to the CIA’s ability to hack into vehicle control systems in modern vehicles, which, to a conspiracy theorist , means the spy agency has the ability to perform undetectable assassinations. Enter the mysterious death of vocal US government critic and journo Michael Hastings . Hastings died in 2013 when his Merc lost control and burst into flames . Witnesses at the scene claimed car was going so fast it was causing sparks and flames before it kaboomed into a palm tree. Friends, family and colleagues have long claimed that foul play was involved. Hastings was working on an article on the excesses of Obama and CIA surveillance and spying programmes just prior to the fatal “accident” and had even sent emails to friends and colleagues warning that he was onto a “big story” and was under investigation.
The leak also reveals that the CIA have the ability to hack into iPhones and Android phones and smart TVs. Sheez, move on nothing to see at the Loon’s abode.

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Woman On a “No Fly” List Grounded

princess 2How’s this for irony, a Malaysian woman who is suing the US government for putting her  on a “no-fly” list can’t testify because they won’t allow her to fly to America because she is on a “no fly” list. The woman, who was a Stanford Uni scholar , was whacked on the list in 2005 after FBI interviewed her about the Malaysian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah.


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Area 51 is Real, Aliens Not So Much

Get back in the shed, they will see you

Get back in the shed, they will see you

OMG, the US government has finally admitted to the existence of Area 51, which has immediately sent conspiracy theorists into a spin. They now suspect it didn’t exist after all (kidding). OK, sure the gov docs refer to “Area 51” but there is not a squeak about aliens and UFOs in the documents. Heavy sigh.

Want spooks with that?


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High Definition TV Conspiracy Theory

Hey loons, got your digital converter box so you can watch High Definition Digital TV yet? Hmm, well about that, seems some people are raising eyebrows about why many government’s around the world are so keen for us to have a better TV watching experience (by making it mandatory). Hmm, well ever heard of Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)? No, me neither, but it has something to do with mind control and subliminal messages. Seems it can only work on Hi Def TVs. See where I’m going with this loons? Anywho, those New World Order conspiracy theorists have got their antennas in a knot over it, worried the US government is using digital telly to mess with out heads. As if they need TV, isn’t that what Facebook , Playstation and Courtney Stodden are for?
Want sauce with that?


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Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top


They huff and they puff but they can’t blow Wikileaks down. The Pentagon have demanded, yes demanded, that the controversial website remove  all US Military classified documents right this very friggin minute. Seems they are desperate to stop the massive encrypted file named “Insurance”, that recently appeared on the site, ever coming to light. Oooh wonder what little surprises await? No one is just quite sure what the encrypted contains because it is virtually impossible to crack without the key (probably a good time to note the founder of Wikileaks is an ex hacker) but many are speculating the 1.4 gigabytes file could hold damning info. One rumor is the file contains 260,000 classified diplomatic cables leaked by Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst who is currently in jail for allegedly supplying the site with classified files.  Manning once said the material  would expose “criminal political back dealings” and that Hillary Clinton would “have a heart attack” if or when the files were released.

Psst The Defence Department has no independent power to enforce Wikileaks to cough up the files ! Bummer.


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Oh So Now I Get The Whole Media Blackout Thing

OK, here’s the thing people, what the US government have neglected to tell you is that BP actually drilled into an underground volcano and there is no way humanly possible to stop the leak. True or false? Might want to be grabbing yourself a pair of Teflon swim suits people because if this report is correct we are all screwed…. The Examiner.


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Constitutional Rights Be Damned!

My bad?

Oh boy, the US Government is getting sued by the American Civil Liberties Union over their friggin “no fly list”. The ACLU is claiming it violates terrorists people’s constitutional rights because the people on the list aren’t informed about why the hell they are on it in the first place. Hmm, maybe they have a point.

Dear Mr Bin Laden,

We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances we have had no option but to place you on our no fly list. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience but if you would like to take it up with one of our supervisors feel free to ring our toll free number 1800youaintflyingnowheretoday. Thank you again for choosing not to fly with us, we hope you have a pleasant day.

Kindest Regards,
US Government

Psst It’s kinda like the chicken or the egg. Allow suspected terrorists to fly, blow up plane, passengers constitutional rights violated. Don’t allow suspected terrorists to fly,their constitutional rights are violated. Hmm, a right old quandary!


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Internet Kill Switch

OMG, the US Government is trying to pass a new law which will give the US President the power to shut down the internet with a “kill switch”. Google, Yahoo and any other search engine will be forced to close public access to websites in times of national emergencies. Geez, what could possibly go wrong? Sheez, I’m guessing the government doesn’t want them pesky tweets keeping the public in the loop when the shit hits the fan!


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Guess What We Found In Afghanistan


OK, color me cynical but I find it interesting that while a war is raging in Afghanistan, a US team of Pentagon officials and U.S. geologists have been casing the joint for vast mineral deposits. According to officials, over a trillion dollars of untapped minerals including lithium, iron, copper, cobalt and gold have been discovered in the impoverish country. Hmm, now they are even boasting Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” Those friggin Taliban are as good as dead now!!!!

Psst Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t ya drill for oil too!!!


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Vet Forced To Pay For Lost Equipment

You serve your country for 6 years, you get shot by a sniper in Iraq, you receive a Purple Heart and then two years later you get a bill from the military for missing equipment. Bless. Gary Pfleider II believes the the items which include, clothing, canteens and grenades were lost after he was flown out of the country for medical treatment. The total sum of the bill (including interest!) is $3,175 and the federal government have been deducting money from his disability check each month. Well, that’s gratitude!


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