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It’s Alive, It’s Alive

Whoopsie, seems the US military made a boo-boo. Hmm, they didn’t quite radiate their anthrax enough and sent “live” samples to Maryland and South Korea labs. The samples, which were suppose to be dead were friggin still active, and now workers are going full out Silkwood.

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Thanks US Military

This looks safe

This looks safe

Sheez, when it comes to a choice of dropping bombs on civilians or a world heritage site , the US military will go for a world heritage site every time. OMG, but did it have to be the Great Barrier Reef for goodness sakes. Four unarmed 226kg bombs were dropped on the fragile reef after civilian vessels were spotted in an approved drop zone during training exercises.


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Try a warmer climate next time!

OK people, guess how much money the US military spend on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan each year? That would be $20.2 billion, yes I said BILLION!

Psst That’s more than  NASA’s budget!

Want sauce with that?


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Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead

Well it’s about friggin time. Osama Bin Laden has been killed in a mansion in Islamabad, Pakistan, by US agents. Hmm,  embarrassed much Pakistan? That could make diplomatic dinners awkward ! Oh and if you were wondering how on earth they confirmed the body was Osama’s, the US government matched brain tissue taken from his sister who died in Boston recently. The US has just announced a travel alert. Seems al Qaeda are a little miffed about the whole shooty, killy thing. It is believed Osama died from a direct hit to the head.

Psst I wonder if the US government will hand over the body to the Bin Laden family….along with the enormous bill.

2nd Psst Oh and don’t forget to spare a thought for the 40 very unlucky virgins!

UPDATE :  Three other men were killed in the Osama mansion shoot out including one of his 4567890 sons.


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You’re Going Home

Man's best friend

This story should warm the cockles of your heart.When Pfc. Colton Rusk was hit by a Taliban sniper while on tour of duty his faithful and inseparable companion, Marine dog Eli, rushed to his side and began guarding him.The 4 year old Labrador initially wouldn’t even allow fellow soldiers to come near. Sadly Rusk (20) died from his wounds. Last week, in a rare move, the US Military retired the beloved dog, who had served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, and handed him over to Rusk’s parents  so he can live out his days on a ranch in Orange Grove, Texas. After the handing over ceremony Rusk’s teary mom hugged Eli and whispered “You’re going home”.

Psst On Rusk’s Facebook page he wrote of Eli “Whatever is mine, is his.”


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Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top


They huff and they puff but they can’t blow Wikileaks down. The Pentagon have demanded, yes demanded, that the controversial website remove  all US Military classified documents right this very friggin minute. Seems they are desperate to stop the massive encrypted file named “Insurance”, that recently appeared on the site, ever coming to light. Oooh wonder what little surprises await? No one is just quite sure what the encrypted contains because it is virtually impossible to crack without the key (probably a good time to note the founder of Wikileaks is an ex hacker) but many are speculating the 1.4 gigabytes file could hold damning info. One rumor is the file contains 260,000 classified diplomatic cables leaked by Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst who is currently in jail for allegedly supplying the site with classified files.  Manning once said the material  would expose “criminal political back dealings” and that Hillary Clinton would “have a heart attack” if or when the files were released.

Psst The Defence Department has no independent power to enforce Wikileaks to cough up the files ! Bummer.


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