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Not Again

With a heavy heart, I write yet another post about a mass shooting. I don’t like discussing the actions of the shooter, as it doesn’t change a thing. Plus, we will never know or fully understand what goes through the mind of someone so intend to kill.  All I know is 12 beautiful souls, who were simply going about their business, won’t be seated at the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year (or any other year). Sadly one of the victims was Tel Orfanos, who had only 12 months earlier survived the Las Vegas massacre. Each will have a story and each of those stories will finish with the words THE END. Thoughts and prayers.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

You know god doesn’t want you in the World Cup when this happens. Sorry USA but this is hilarious. Honduras bumped the USA to the bottom of the World Cup Qualifier with this silly goal.

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How Did I Miss This?


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Bring Out Your Dead

fleasNo need for alarm people but!!!!!! Seems the US has an teeny weeny prob that could escalate into a OMG get me outta here. The bubonic plague is backkkk. So far 4 people have died and it is spreading through Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico and Oregon. Normally there is around 3,000 cases reported globally each year but there have been 12 so far in America. Experts believe rodent fleas , who carry the deadly disease, are using humans as hosts due to lack of animal hosts.

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doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtOMG, the two Americans struck down with the Ebola virus are being flown to Atlanta, Georgia, for treatment. Talk about making a third world problem a first world one. Lets just hope that plane doesn’t crash.  Again, why would you risk lives of others for a disease that is currently contained ?  Wouldn’t it be smarter to send medics to treat them where they are?

Psst Wasn’t there serious breaches in US infectious diseases labs recently?


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Stick Figure Family Stickers Are On the Move

stick-figure-familyBwahahaha America, they are coming and nothing can stop them. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Yep, get ready for the conga line of stick figures about to be unleashed on car windows everywhere. The My Stick Family stickers are about to hit cars all around the States. The Australian invention has already created quite the angst among car drivers. Who friggin cares how many kids you got…and don’t get me started on the conga line of pets. Family cars all over Australia have been displaying these stupid stickers.  The attraction to this ridiculous fad is , you can buy each stick figure sticker individually to make up your own unique family and then you have the fun task of plastering them along the back window of your car for everyone to see.


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Start Spreading The News

bald eagle 2The Loon will be reporting from New York and Baltimore next week. I know, my life’s a bitch!


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Chicago and The Big Itch

hairIt’s official Chicago is the number one city for bedbugs. Take a bow. Oh and quit the sniggering Los Angeles, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Dayton, Washington D.C., Denver and Indianapolis you are all in the top ten. Happy scratching Bearman.


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Happy Fiscal Cliff USA

USA heads for fiscal cliffThe Donkeys and Elephants have voted and you are all going off the fiscal cliff. Thanks everyone!!!


Update : Obama has managed to delay the fiscal cliff for two months  thanks to a Republican back down.


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And What Was Learned Here?

Since the Friday massacre at Sandy Nook school, where 20 innocent children under 7 were riddled with bullets, gun stores have been experiencing record sales.


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