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Osama’s Bin Buried

Osama Bin Laden needs a sea burial like he needs a hole in his head! Yep, Osama  is swimming with the fishes after being given a waterboarding  burial.In accordance with Islamic tradition they had 24 hours to bury the  terrorist so not wanting his burial place to become a shrine the US forces decided to dump him in the ocean. Fish fodder… how fitting but how scary. I can’t see the Islamic world taking to kindly to this.


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Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead

Well it’s about friggin time. Osama Bin Laden has been killed in a mansion in Islamabad, Pakistan, by US agents. Hmm,  embarrassed much Pakistan? That could make diplomatic dinners awkward ! Oh and if you were wondering how on earth they confirmed the body was Osama’s, the US government matched brain tissue taken from his sister who died in Boston recently. The US has just announced a travel alert. Seems al Qaeda are a little miffed about the whole shooty, killy thing. It is believed Osama died from a direct hit to the head.

Psst I wonder if the US government will hand over the body to the Bin Laden family….along with the enormous bill.

2nd Psst Oh and don’t forget to spare a thought for the 40 very unlucky virgins!

UPDATE :  Three other men were killed in the Osama mansion shoot out including one of his 4567890 sons.


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Bin Laden’s Extreme Makeover

Ever wondered what Usama Bin Laden would look like now? Hmm, me either, but the FBI thought it might come in handy for anyone still chasing the reward money. Oh and to help visualize they have provided two images, one with  his head garb removed and his beard trimmed and the other without. Now he looks like a George Clooney terrorist. Brilliant.

I like what they have done with his hair


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