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Can’t Cough That One Out

Ewwwwww gross

Ewwwwww gross

Ever wondered how a woman could get a 2 inch furball in her vagina? Me neither. However, it happened. A woman, who let her two kitties sleep in her bed, began complaining of severe stomach aches. Off she toddled to the gyno who on further inspection discovered a furball entangled in her IUD contraceptive coil. Go on, permission to gag. Evidently, neither her partner or herself slept in underwear and well, during sex cat hairs become attached to boyfriend’s penis…you can figure out the rest. I am guessing poor Cricket and Donut no longer snuggle up in bed with them.

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Vagina Speaker

Attention helicopter moms to be, you might just be interested in the latest trend. Hows about a mini speaker inserted up your vagina so your foetus can listen to streaming music? A renowned Spanish gyno thinks musical stimulation by playing music on a pregnant woman’s abdomen doesn’t quite do it, as the stomach tissue muffles the music experience…. hence his invention the  vagpod babypod. The vagina speaker, when inserted, promises to help stimulate and encourage fetal development for your future musical sprog . Good luck with that.


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Nasty or Nice?

How far would a woman go to make her hubby faithful even after her death? Well, how’s about having your vagina carved into your gravestone? No? Well, Milena Marinkovic (75) from Serbia had hers carved just to remind her hubby of 50 years never to look at another woman. Prior to her death she had a photographer take photos of her privates so the sculptor could get it just right. Unfortunately it took the poor grieving widower some time to find someone who was willing to carve it. But now it’s done he’s as happy as punch. Mind you, he hasn’t told all her relis that the weird carving on her tomb is of her vagina. One poor soul asked why does the bird on her grave have such a large beak. Awkward!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Something Fishy!

Where does a Florida woman  hide her fraudulent credit card and fake drivers license when pulled over by cops? Hmm, if you were Ann Marie Hernandez that would be the vagina. The 46 year old had $5,000 worth of items bought with the dodgy credit card in her car when  stopped by cops on Interstate 75. A quick search of the car failed to find any evidence of the card but when a female deputy was called to the scene, viola, there it was hidden away in her vagina along with a fake drivers license. Pity the fool who had the job of handling them!

Want sauce with that?


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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Do Drugs

And I thought I was bad!

OMG, please tell me the vagina isn’t the new “handbag”!!! A woman who was suspected of robbing the Dunmore Inn was found to have 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty heroin bags, prescription pills and $51.22 hidden in her vagina. Police became sus when she began fidgeting in the back seat of the police car. They later requested a doctor to search Karin Mackaliunas’s privates and viola, cash and drugs. Hmm, that’s quite a big storage compartment.

Want sauce with that?


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Sexual Favor Fail

Honey, NO!

Oh lordie, lordie, lordie a woman in West Virginia has been jailed after her sexual advances were declined because of a stinky vagina. Ewh!  OK loons here’s how it went down, evidently a drunk Melissa Williams asked her estranged hubby Danny and a friend, James Watson, for a little sexual pleasure but when Watson approached he said he was overwhelmed by a horrible vaginal odor and refused to proceed. A now enraged Melissa allegedly produced a lock-back folding knife, pointed it at her hubby and said “somebody is going to [perform a sexual act on me] or I’m going to cut your f***ing throat.”  Enter police, exit Melissa. Hmm, no word on whether she got what she wanted before police arrived.


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Kidney Transplant Via The Vagina

Here it comes!

Hey ladies, would you be tempted to become a kidney donor if they could remove it via  your vagina?  The Methodist Hospital  are going to study whether it is a safer and less painful way for a kidney donor to have their organ removed for a transplant op. Last year a doctor successfully extracted a kidney through a woman’s vagina (like she was having a baby) rather than by abdominal incision. The study will include analyzing the amount of bacteria the kidney must past through when coming out via the vagina!


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The Best Excuse Ever For Not Having Sex

According to Lady Gaga she abstains from sex because…wait for it…“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone, they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina,” Sheez, so that’s where I’m going wrong !!!

Psst And here I was thinking she didn’t even have one!


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Lasagna, You Were Suppose To Say Lasagna!

Sheez, the things kids say…


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OK, That’s eMuff!

OK, my original story was going to be about the Muff Road sign in New Zealand and how the residents are really pissed that people keep stealing it as a souvenir. So as I normally do, I did some research on the word muff, which is sometimes used to describe a woman’s vagina. It was here my story took a sudden and shocking deviation. Dear god, has anyone been on the Vulva Wiki page? Big friggin warning before you click people….no seriously…I wouldn’t look if you have a heart condition or embarrass easily. OK, on the count…one…two…three. …http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muff_(genitals) .

Oh and isn’t the message priceless…

Wikis Muff page
Honey, can you stand still so I can get a nice sharp reliable reference! And what’s with the “needs additional verification? Nope I think it’s a vulva. Geez and to think the topless nun is worried about her pic being posted on Facebook! I’d be grabbing a lawyer love, whoever you are!

Psst That is way too much information, even for Wiki!


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