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No Love Here

Jack shit again!

Well alrighty then, if you are planning some romantic Valentine’s Day celebration in Saudi Arabia I suggest you don’t. Those pesky religious police are at it again spoiling all the fun. If shops so much as sell a red rose, a heart shaped item or use red wrapping paper they are in for it.The Valentine’s Day celebration is banned in Saudi Arabia pretty much because it is a Western scum dog pig holiday and is named after a Christian saint. Yep, That will do it. Anywho, anyone caught will be punished and we all know what that means!


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Don’t Sniff The Roses!

They make me feel so happy!!!

Bless, oh our little Columbian drug smugglers have been at it again, trying to out fox  customs… will they ever learn? This time our sneaky little cartel hid 4kg of cocaine among 20,000 long stem roses, destination Netherlands, in a Valentine’s Day rouse. Dumbasses thought the scent of  roses would confuse the drug pooches!

Psst Now there’s a bouquet guaranteed to give you sinus troubles!


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Valentine’s Day Horror Stories

You sort of know when someone runs a “Worst Valentine’s Day Ever ” competition there are going to be some dooziers. Runners up included a teenager who got pissed on by a dog , some poor soul who had a nasty mishap due to a colonoscopy and a woman who’s hubby-to-be had her engagement ring engraved ” Darrell Loves Misty” despite the fact her name was Jessica! But the winner of the trip to Hollywood to attend the world premier of the film “Valentines Day” went to a woman from Denver who found out on the most romantic day of the year (16 years ago) her ex husband was dating her mother and had been for some time. Ewh, and whats more they are still together! Yes, take a bow lady, you deserve that trip!


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