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Vampire Graveyard

Vampire graveyard found in PolandRun loons, archeologists in Poland have unearthed a friggin vampire graveyard. Hmm, maybe they should stake it out. The skeletons, which had their heads removed and placed near their legs, were found during road construction. This practice was popular in medieval times to make sure that if a corpse rose from the dead it couldn’t find its head. Hello, a headless vampire is just as scary!!!!


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Twighlight Has A Lot To Answer For!

Team Dumbass

Sometimes it truly sucks to be a vampire, especially when a homeless man refuses to give you blood AND mocks you. How infrigginconsiderate! When would-be vampires, Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson, were teased by homeless dude, Robert Mayley, when they asked to suck his blood the pair stabbed him. That’s an aggravated assault charge right there and an increase chance of getting HIV!


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Friggin Garlic Pandemic

Serbians are using garlic to combat swine flu

Sheez, is it me?

OK, I am not sure how to tell you this guys but garlic has pretty much the same affect it has on vampires as it does on Swine Flu. Which is pretty much zip, nil, nada. Since the Serbian outbreak of pig flu, garlic has been flying off the shelves and stalls with people reportedly eating them like apples. Dear god, the breath! Health officials are trying their damnedest to stop this obsession and just get people to have the friggin vaccination! Hmm, though they might have an uphill battle, with one smelly old man shouting from the local market  “From the vaccine, you can get sick. From garlic, you can only get bad breath.”
Serbia has about 270 recorded swine flu cases and eight deaths.

Psst Another place to scratch off my vacation list!


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