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Granny With A Grudge

Take that!

There is nothing worse than a granny with a grudge, especially when it involves ketchup, mayo, corn syrup and a book library drop box. For over a year the Ada County Community Library have been trying to catch the fiend who had been pouring an assortment of condiments into the drive up book drop off box and ruining books. Well, mystery is finally over. Joy Cassidy (75) was caught after a Boise police stakeout and sentenced to a month in jail. Seems her motive was revenge for how some senior cits had been treated by patrons and staff over the years.


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Extreme Break Ins

Lordie, lordie, lordie what evil lurks on our streets? Anna Fancsali and her family were horrified when they arrived home to discover not only was their living room splattered in  blue paint but their poor little white Shih Tzu , Muffin, was too. Vandals had broken into their house and gone wild. Holes were punched into their 46″ TV, the computer monitor smashed to smithereens, pictures slashed and walls dented. Oh and it just gets worse, her bedroom had been egged and dill pickles and olive oil dumped on the floor along with her clothes. Her jewelry box, medication and a few Xbox games belonging to her kids were the only things missing. Down in the basement they had removed all the frozen food from the freezer and thrown it around the house. Ms Fancsali was one of five houses broken into by a 16 year old and his mate (who can’t be named). All the homes were splattered with paint and at several they had pooed on the carpets. At one house they had put the family pet gecko in the microwave and cooked him to a crisp. The 16 year old is well known to police and has a string of priors. Both will be sentenced this week.

Psst Might want to avoid using your toothbrush…I’m just saying!

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And The Lesson Today

I don’t know what they did to you honey, but do you think squirting sardine juice and chucking condoms and lubricant over a mini fridge, a teacher’s desk and three lockers was a little extreme? Probably made you feel better but it was a little extreme! Brenda Sue Rawls an elementary school teacher has been charged with allegedly vandalizing the Portland East Middle School. It is believed she committed the offence after a teacher made comments about her. Oh and she also had an accomplice, a seventh grader who assisted in the stinking concoction! The two later tried to clean the mess up but got busted.

Psst Dear lord you can buy sardine juice?


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