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Holy Carrot and Mushrooms, Batman

Step away…meat!!!

OMG, when did the world become so precious. The police in Wales have come under fire by an angry vegan after they posted a photo of a cooked breakfast on their site. Apparently the photo of piles of bacon, eggs, sausages got her goat and she tweeted ‘Speaking as a tax payer I’d prefer them to be less selective when answering questions and perhaps not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/vegan followers – pretty thoughtless considering the job title they have.’

The police were posting as part of their  awareness campaign to support local farmers.

The police responded by firstly blocking comments and then by posting a photo of a vegetarian meal with a long line of tomato sauce and a simple reply ‘At some point you have to draw a line under it…’


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That Sucks

Breastmilk lollypopsA Texas candy company is about to release a new lollypop flavor … breast milk . Yep, the Austin candy company Lollyphile tested a variety of breast milk from different women to come up with the best taste.  They decided against using real breast milk saying “Managing that would be a logistical nightmare.” so it will totally vegan (like that will make it any more tempting). I just hope it isn’t shaped like a breast.

Want sauce with that?


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Vegan Ink

Dear lord, arsonists are vegans too!!!  Mr Walter Bond obviously is taking his veganism to extreme, not only has he got himself arrested for setting  fire to a sheepskin factory, a leather store and a restaurant that was serving goose liver but he’s got himself a mean-assed tatt. He’s really going to hate the food in prison.

For the cause!


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