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Vegemite is What?

OK, Vegemite is a LOT of things but I think you are clutching the cray cray straw if you believe it is racist…disgusting and gross yes, but racists nope. Get off the kool-aid…it is yeast extract and now owned by an American company.


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Woohoo, A Vegemite Energy Drink

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get more scrumptious, Kraft have just released a vegemite flavoured energy drink. Bottoms up …..




April Fools Loons … as if!


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Alas Poor Yeast Extract

Alas poor Marmite, I knew you well!

It’s about friggin time someone’s come to their senses and  banned Marmite and Vegemite. Way to go Denmark. The horrid yeast extract has way too much vitamins, so begone. Also included on the Danish hit list is Horlicks, Ovaltine and Farley’s Rusk. Some British expats aren’t too happy about the decision and fear they may have to go on the black market to get their spread.Tsk, tsk Princess Mary, I bet you have a jar or two of Vegemite stashed in the palace pantry!


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Marmite Is Terrible

Hmm, is this some stupid attempt by Marmite to be cooler than Vegemite? Good try mister but it won’t work!


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Counter Culture Clown Can’t Handle The Truth!

Told ya!

A couple of weeks back one of the Loon regulars, Counter Culture Clown (aka Funny in shadows), wrote a post about iSnack2.0. A scathing little piece that left him wondering what all the friggin Vegemite fuss was about. So anywho, despite my better judgment and  to put him out of his friggin misery, I sent him a jar of original Vegemite and the now defunct jar of iSnack2.0 so he could taste it for himself. I warned him there were reasons why it wasn’t exported, but did he listen….no!  Here is the result, the funniest friggin Vegemite critique you’ll ever read. …And The Vegemighty Shall Fall


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iSnack2.0 renamed CheesybiteKraft have announced the new name for their failed iSnack2.0 and it is….wait for it…Cheesybite! WTF, can you guys quit being so extremist. First you go way over there on the “out there” meter with some high tech, Y generation friggin wave length name and now you have gone right over the other side with a boring, ho hum, low brow dumbed down granny version. People, get some cheesyballs and be a bit clever. OK, seeing that Kraft can’t get it right I think us loons should have a try. Here are my nominations “The black stuff with cheese”, Vegemite 3.0 (I kinda like the 2.0 thingy), Vegemite grande, cheeseyeast extract….


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iSnack 2.0 is History

After a backlash from hell, Kraft have decided that it just isn’t worth trying to convince Aussies iSnack 2.0 was a great name for the black yeast extract that was previously known as Vegemite. Hmm, guess it’s back to the drawing board boys.Kraft have announced iSnack2.0 is toast. Despite Kraft already selling 3 million jars of the new creamier version, the name has created such a stir, they have decided to go back to the 48,000 name suggestions and pick a friggin better one!

Psst Anywho, since when has Vegemite been considered a “snack”?


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Because it’s the Next Generation Vegemite

Can I have some iSnack 2.0 on my toast thanks. Oh and for the old fogeys thinking WTF, that is new name for vegemite.  Yep, in an attempt to appeal to a younger more Y generationy market, Kraft Foods have named their new improved and creamier Vegemite. iSnack 2.0 “because it’s the next generation Vegemite” . Good luck with that (it still tastes like crap!).


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