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Can I Tempt You With A Candwich?

Takes the effort out of having to make one!

Oh for the love of all things perishable, a US company has come up with “candwich”, a sandwich in a can. Hmm, yummy. So far the candwiches come in three flavors, peanut butter and strawberry jam, BBQ chicken and peanut butter and grape jam and are currently available from vending machines around Utah.Ooh and don’t worry people, if those flavors don’t tempt you plan is under foot to include pepperoni pizza and French toast. Oh and did I mention they have a long shelf life?

Psst Why do they need a can?


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Wash Your Kitty In A Vending Machine

WTF, vending machines that wash your cat or dog, hell no! Seems these machines are popping up all over Tokyo. They wash, rinse and blow your kitty or pooch in around 30 minutes (give or take a few minutes for extracting them from the friggin thing). Seriously, you would be better off chucking them in your washing machine.


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