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Boarding Now At Gate 8

Edward Snowden offered humanitarian asylum in VenezuelaWe have a winner. Seems Venezuela will be offering ”humanitarian asylum” to US intelligence whistleblower and Moscow airport lounge lizard Edward Snowden. Hmmm, I hope he can speak Spanish.


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Another Fine Mess For Venezuela

Venezuela running out of toilet paperThe good folks in Venezuela are running out of toilet paper. Seems toilet paper manufacturers are finding it hard to break even, thanks to the price capping introduced by the late Hugo Chavez and so they simply aren’t bothering to make any. Many are crying for a “revolution” so they can wipe their butts.


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Fashion Mogul Twist

Italian Fashion mogul may have been kidnappedWhen a small Venezuela tourist plane carrying Vittorio Missoni (the CEO of the Italian fashion company Missoni), his wife and brother disappeared , authorities feared the worst. That was last week. Now, after a fruitless land and sea search and a weird text message, Italian police believe the group may have been kidnapped.The son of one of the passengers recieved a strange text message from his father the day after the plane went missing leading to speculation it’s a kidnapping. I smell a midday movie.


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Axis Of Evil One Of The Happiest Places on Earth

Trust the North Koreans to come out with a global happiness index. Can you guess which, according to their findings,  are the happiest countries in the world ? Ranking number one for happiness is …drum roll….China, with a perfect 100 out of 100 score, followed closely behind by North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela. And surprise, surprise, guess who came in dead last? The U.S of A. Arch rivals South Korea came in a surprising 152nd out of a possible 203 countries

Hmm, things must have begun looking up for Kimmy Jong Il since this ….


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