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Play Golf Like A Squirrel People

Its because we play with our nuts all day!

Its because we play with our nuts all day!

Psychologists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, renowned as the home of golf,  believe they have discovered the holy grail of golf. Don’t think.

Hmm, most golf coaches have known that one for ever. The problem is how does one stop a person thinking? The University of St Andrews believe just talking about your game in between playing shots can effect your skills and score. The medical mumbo jumbo is called ‘verbal overshadowing’ which makes the brain switch focus from the cerebral systems (skill related) to language related part of the brain.

I say phooey, if you want to really know the key to playing great golf you need to act like a squirrel. Squirrels, surprise, surprise, don’t think. It is the reason they are able to scurry across a thin wire and not fall off. Us humans, we think,  process and analyse. If we were told to walk a thin wire like a squirrel, we couldn’t, mainly because our brain would be working overtime analysing the situation. Our brain would be thinking , crap that’s too high, the friggin wires too thin, I will die doing it, isn’t there an easier alternative, blah, blah, blah. A squirrel however is denied the complex assessment of information and has no ability to reason. It simply processes, acts and executes.

So next time you pick up your clubs find your inner squirrel and just go for it. Oh and if you want a really cool assessment of your golf  by a world  leading golf coach check out this site Free Golf Lesson Online.


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