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Vets Go To Heaven

A bit shout out to the vets who have volunteered their time and expertise saving helpless animals caught up in the deadly California fires. So many animals were abandoned as people fled the fast-moving flames.


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The Funny Things Birds Say

Oh for the love of god, shut up!

Today I had to take my pet rainbow lorikeet, Robin, to the vets to have it’s beak buffed because it was getting a little too long. So anywho, I am sitting in the packed  reception area when this dumbassed cockatiel starts squawking and I mean squawking. People start to get a little annoyed and the animals a little restless. Next thing I know,  my bird shouts from her cage  “shut up”and the room suddenly fell silent. Hmm,note to self….. must remember to take that bird with me next time I visit me mom!


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