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Tears For Fears

spray can 2OK ladies, if you plan to use pepper spray for evil, please think about who you are going to target.  A man was heading to an ATM when the woman appeared with a can of pepper spray demanding money. When he man refused she sprayed him . Unlucky for her, he fought back, grabbed the can and sprayed her right back into her face until she fled (in tears).


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Turn The Other Cheek

kissOoh la la. A French thief who planted a kiss on the cheek of his victim has been caught thanks to his slobber. Yep, DNA is a bitch. Pierre and his sidekick followed an employee of a jewelry store home, tied her up, gagged her and poured petrol over her head until she revealed the codes to the stores alarm system and safes. One of the dudes then went and robbed the store while the other one watched over the terrified woman. When the job was completed Pierre untied the woman and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Poor Pierre. His DNA was registered on the national genetic database.


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You Have To Be Kidding

goat 4A man in Kenya who was in court to face rape charges has had the additional humilition of having to face his nanny in court. And by nanny I mean a goat. Yep, seems the guy was caught in a field having his way with the poor creature. That’s 10 years right there.

Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for this little gem.


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Iceland’s Perfect Record Ruined

Breaking news, Iceland, the country with the lowest crime rate in the world has had its first ever fatal police shooting. The victim was a 50 something guy who went  a little crazy with a rifle. When the man started shooting at the cops they shot back and well you can guess the rest. Perfect record ruined. The national police chief said “The police regrets this incident and wishes to extend its condolences to the man’s family,” Sheez, they are so nice.


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Ray Of Hope For Acid Attack Victim

An Indian  woman who was the victim of a horriffic acid attack when she was a teenager has won $70,000 in India’s version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The show’s host said ‘The nation salutes her as do all of us, but simultaneously hangs its head in shame for this dastardly act.’ In 2003 Sonali was left partially blind and deaf after she rejected a boy’s advances and he and his mates later broke into her house and doused her with acid while she slept. Since the attack she has received no state funding for her 22 operations nor have her attacker’s been properly punished (each only receiving 4 months jail). Her family sold their land and mother’s jewellery to pay for the numerous operations. The winnings will help pay for further plastic surgery.

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Bleeding Obvious

The most bleeding obvious statement of the week goes to the judge with this little beauty…. “I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to kill the victim.”  Hmm, I would think so, the victim was stabbed over 100 times.


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Mugger The Lover

Come on, just one date!!!

OK, here’s the thing you Pittsburgh robber, no, the woman you mugged for $60 does NOT want to go on a date with you, ya fool! John Jardini, who allegedly robbed the woman as she got off a bus, then rang her twice asking for a date. While the cops were trying to track him down through phone records, he struck again, allegedly assaulting her outside a store. Yes loons, he was arrested.


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What Took You So Long?

Cast you minds back about seven years ago when the devastating tsunami washed away thousands of people in Asia. Well, guess what? They have found one of the victims alive. Yes, a now 15 year old girl known as Wati  has been found living on the streets in a nearby city. When the tsunami hit her Indonesian village on Boxing Day, 2004, she was swept away in a wave of water and presumed dead. Somehow she has managed to survive all these years wandering the streets trying to find her way home. When the girl wandered into a cafe in Meulaboh and told her story to staff they tracked down her family despite Wati only remembering her grandfather’s name.


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What’s The Odds?

OK, here’s the thing Anthony Trang, if you are going to steal a friggin rare Clarion NX501 sound system don’t be taking it to the nearest car stereo installation store, because the owner might just happen to work there! Dude? Yep, poor silly Trang happened to ask Eric Ford to install the equipment he had allegedly stolen from Ford’s car only hours before. The equipment was easily identified because there are only a few in the region. Pretty big fail there Trang!

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It’s All Down Hill

James Hill thought he had the best burglary idea ever. He texted a former high school mate and asked him if he was home. When he text back saying “No, I’m at work” James toddled off to rob his house. Unfortunately for poor James his school mate’s friend just happened to be driving by the house. It didn’t take long for the police to nab him. Seems he played the same trick on two other former classmates.


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