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Musicians Decomposing

Seriously? A man in Vienna has allegedly broken into the graves of two famous composers, Johann Strauss Jr. and Johannes Brahms, and stolen their teeth . Austrian authorities have no idea why.


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Hello, The Airfare Doesn’t Include Fuel

OK, here’s the thing about catching a  cash strapped airline, you may end up having to do a whip around to pay for the plane’s fuel and landing fees or stay stranded on a tarmac in Vienna. 200 furious passengers on Comtel Air from India to Birmingham were forced to empty wallets and credit cards to foot the $31,000 bill after the Austrian owned airline went kaput and had no money to finish the last leg of the trip. Hmm, Austria is quite nice this time of year!


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Can You Smell Something?

Could work!

Yah for alternative medicine except when it involves rubbing piss all over yourself I say. Alfred Zoppelt has been fired after working for 23 years at the Belvedere museum in Vienna because he continually washes his hands and face with urine. Yeah, yeah, yeah  it is suppose to have friggin medicinal benefits but try telling that to the staff who have to work with him. For crying out loud he’s leaving a urine trail!

Psst A curious Loon wants to know if he is using his own wee?


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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Screaming!

Hoop dreams no more

A 12 year old Austrian boy had to be bolt cut from a basketball hoop by firemen after he was dared to  climbing through it at a playground in Vienna and got himself stuck. The week before a 13 year old suffered major burns after he and a mate poured petrol on a playground slide, set it alight and then slid down it in an attempted to put out the flames. It didn’t end well, not only did his pants catch on fire so too his undies. Burning ring of fire!

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Has The Union Been Notified?

OK men, the next time you  wolf whistle at a woman, think long and hard about the consequences. Construction workers at a Vienna building site went screaming for cover when a naked blonde woman ran at them shouting “Who wants me”. Evidently no one, because the hard hatters went and hid until police arrived to take her away.

Naked woman scares construction workers on building site


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The Person I Don’t Want To Be This Week

OK originally, the person I didn’t want to be this week was going to be Caster Semenya but we have done her/him (whatever) to death and I think everyone will agree no one wants to be her. So this week, the person I don’t want to be is Jermaine Jackson. Tada! For the love of sequined white gloves, what the hell is he doing? Not even his mom, is supporting this Michael Jackson Tribute concert in friggin Vienna. Hmm, not that there is anything wrong with Austria, if you are a friggin opera singer or Andre Rieu. But excuse me if my eyebrow raises a little, what connection does MJ have to Vienna (except maybe the choir)? Geez, sounds like someone wants a holiday there, hey Jermaine?. Oh and to make the cringe factor all the more cringier, only Sister Sledge and Akon (I have no idea who they are) have agreed to perform at this so called concert, despite the fact that on his website it was hinted Madonna, Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, Stevie Wonder and Natalie Cole would be be performing. Oh dear, it seems someone didn’t do their homework because it seems that was news to all of them. Awkward. For some reason Jermaine is hell bent on making some money out of little bros death. Good luck with that (I think his parents have that pretty much covered).

Just as I write this and just as the fans, who have bought tickets to the d-list event,  begun voicing their disapproval, mom Jermaine has suddenly stepped in and pulled the pin on the whole ugly, embarrassing thing! No burial at Neverland, no tribute concert, no million dollar screening rights. Hmm, I wonder if you will ask the Michael Jackson’s estate to cover the costs of this boo-boo?


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