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Yellow Car Controversy

yellowOh bless, it was the yellow car that finally broke the tourist’s back. For several years a pensioner has parked his bright yellow car outside one of Britain’s most picturesque villages, ruining the view and photo ops for tourists. The banana coloured Vauxhall Corsa belongs to a pensioner who lives in one of the Cotswolds cottage in 14th-century Arlington Row. Despite complaints, there was simply nowhere else to park it. This week it all got too much for someone and the poor little eyesore was vandalised. Not only were the windows smashed , someone carved MOVE on the bonnet. Now the pensioner has lost his car and independence. But don’t fret loons, he is on the lookout for a nice lime green one to replace it.


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Village of the Damned


Goodbye now

Hey, its the 1980s calling and they want their hysteria back. Seems a village in China are so worried about a child who was diagnosed with HIV they have signed a petition to have him removed. The petition reads in part “Kunkun is diagnosed with AIDS, causing great fear among the villagers and village children. In order to ensure the safety of villagers and children, we demand that authorities quarantine Kunkun for treatment,”

PSST Even his grandfather signed it.


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Primal Fear

Sheez, a small village near Mumbai in India is virtually under siege by an evil gang who like nothing better than injuring old ladies and stealing mobile phones. One elderly woman broke her hand when a gang member pushed her over trying to steal her religious offering and another fractured her leg after one broke in via her window.Authorities say there is nothing they can do, they are friggin monkeys. Yes, it’s a gang of monkeys running amok.

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Widow Gets No Respect

No respect

OK, here’s the thing widows from minority communities in India, don’t be telling off anyone throwing rubbish in your front yard, or you’ll be sorry. A woman from the Lalwala village was whacked with sticks, stripped and forced to parade naked trough her village by three men after she told them to quit messing up her property. What peeved her the most was that no one in her village bothered to help her. Sheez, I’d move!

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